4 First Steps to Creating a Smart Home Yourself

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How to take the first 4 steps to smart home to build it without huge investments. Where can any ordinary user start? Building a smart home does not have to be done by specialists. Of course, having a lot of money, you can order a comprehensive smart home project, which initially includes all the necessary elements and implies further development.

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However, everyone can take the first steps towards a smart home, gradually creating a comfortable intellectual environment for themselves. A smart home is an automated control system for all devices in the house that are integrated into a single ecosystem and connected to a single hub. All data from each device sends signals to a single center, it’s like migrating data to the cloud, when the system can make decisions and perform certain tasks by itself, without human intervention. You just need to control it remotely by pressing buttons on the remote control/gadgets or voice commands.

The next steps will be the simplest:

  • voice control module;
  • smart lamps;
  • smart sockets;
  • security devices.

Voice control module

It is logical to start building a smart home from a single control center. And it is convenient if this control is done by voice. However, this first recommended step is just not mandatory. Most smart devices can be controlled using a smartphone. Moreover, remote control programs allow you to turn on, off, and configure devices while away from home, sometimes even in another city. But, being inside the house, of course, it is convenient to give voice commands without being distracted from rest. Therefore, it is advisable, if not immediately, then later, to purchase and install a voice control module. All of them are wireless speakers with microphones capable of creating a single sound environment in the spaces of your home. As a rule, to create voice control located in different rooms.

Smart lighting

This step of building a smart home may be the first since it is lighting that plays a crucial role in providing a comfortable environment. Smart lamps can be purchased both separately and in a complex, so the costs for them are not burdensome enough. Using such types of lamps make it possible to create optimal lighting for health, especially in the dark wintertime. Most smart lamps can track a person’s circadian cycles and adjust to his daily routine. A smart lamp will gently and timely wake you up for work, and also help you fall asleep in the evening. There are also variants of lamps that change the color shades of lighting to suit a person’s mood.


Smart Sockets

Smart sockets allow you to connect various household appliances to intelligent control. The method is simple: not the devices themselves are controlled, but the sockets in which they are included. Thus, it is possible to switch on and off the devices, as needed. Smart sockets are controlled via smartphone apps, so you can do it remotely. At the same time, they can use different methods of communication with sockets: using a SIM card or via Wi-Fi. Both methods have their pros and cons, however, they work well. Using such Smart Switches, it is possible to build the overall structure of a smart home very cheaply, without resorting to insane costs. After all, individual intelligent household appliances are very expensive, and in everyday life, often, they are not always convenient.

Smart security devices

Home security should always be one of the priorities, as not only comfort depends on it, but also, often, a person’s life. Therefore, one of the first steps in building a smart home should be the equipment of access and alarm systems. Such equipment can include surveillance cameras, smart doorbells, or security rings. The security ring is the most convenient form for building surveillance and warning systems. It combines various levels of monitoring of the external environment and promptly notifies the owner of possible problems.

Various sensors monitor all possible ways of entering the house and can warn the owner of the danger, even when he is away from home. This also includes doorbells with video surveillance, emergency lighting spotlights, and surveillance cameras for every corner of the house. But a smart security system can be built from individual elements, gradually increasing its integrity. For example, intelligent doorbells not only track someone else’s activity near the front door but are also able to open the door at the command of the owner or make a video recording, including in the dark.

By taking the first 4 steps to equip a smart home, you can endlessly improve its intellectual and hardware level, gradually creating the home of your dreams.

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