4 Smart Gadgets You Need For Your Home

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Automation is becoming a major part of our daily life. Digital assistance like play music, turn on the light, open door, clean the house etc can all be on your voice command. These smart gadgets are the great invention to make our hectic life a whole lot easier. These gadgets can operate easily without too much human involvement or investment.

robotic vacuum cleaner

Here are the lists of 4 smart gadgets that you definitely want to add to your home.

1. Robotic vacuum cleaner

Robotic vacuum cleaner is a floor cleaning device which comes with sensors and robotic drives with programmable instructions. These robot vacuum cleaners have number of cleaning and vacuuming features like mopping, UV sterilization etc. Most recent model comes with artificial intelligence for better mapping and object identification.  It also comes with spinning brushes to clean tight corners. Robots vacuums are best for maintenance of regular vacuuming of carpets and hardwood floors. It is worth buying for deep and occasional cleaning sessions. Robotic vacuum cleaner are most effective and have more cleaning power and offers stress free cleaning than the conventional ones. It is usually smaller and weigh significantly less than even the lightest traditional model. By cleaning the brushes regularly and replacing parts (if required), robot vacuum can last for around four to six years.  360 smart life group is providing these types of Robot vacuum and other home security products to create a smart life for people around the globe.

2. Devices the virtual assistants

Virtual assistant devices are the devices that understand human voice commands and work accordingly. There are three very popular devices like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana. These devices can do nearly every household chore – from turning off the light, reminding of special events/meetings or appointments, looking up phone numbers, reading text or newspaper to switching on the AC on arrival at home. You can also book your flight reservation, find hotels and restaurants. Just set up your virtual assistant devices to work together like reading the news headlines to adjust the temperature. From working individuals to grandparents and kids, anybody can use these devices by just giving voice commands.

Google nest cams and display

3. Nest Cam

Google Nest Cam helps you to stay informed about people, vehicles and animals. It shows the users live video in 1080D HD and comes with special night vision. It is a best home security camera for indoors and out. Get alerts just for the things you care even when you’re not home with motion and activity alert. Google Nest Cam is weatherproof, and it comes with plugs with power so you don’t need to bother about dead batteries. It also comes with built in microphone and speaker. You’ll get a notification when some guests are around, delivery boy is there or kids are back from home etc. It is a must have for every home.

4. Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostat allows you to create automatic temperature settings based on your heating and cooling needs or changed weather conditions. It has the ability to adjust according to the capacity of people around at home. You may program your thermostat before you arrive home remotely. A thermostat is a basic need of every home as it has a big impact on energy bills. Almost half of the costs are controlled if you are using this type of smart thermostat. Enhanced comfort, increased savings and advanced controls are the few features of smart thermostat. It also record internal and external temperature and notify the user if there is a need to get the air filter replaced. These additional features have proven to make smart thermostats successful.

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