Smart and Eco-friendly Garden-care Tools

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A beautiful landscape makes a significant difference to your home. On one hand, it provides aesthetic value which in turn increases the value of your home. On the other, tranquil surroundings improve your quality of life and offer a more wholesome living experience. Landscaping and garden care can, nevertheless, be a demanding task and not everyone can lay claim to having green thumbs. Fortunately, there are now smart and eco-friendly solutions that you can count on to achieve picturesque outdoors.

Smart and Eco-friendly Garden-care Tools

If you are ready to turn your landscape from drab to envy-inducing, here are some smart gadget options to explore.

Garden Sensors

Unless you are a career botanist or have an adjacent skill set, home gardening, and landscaping involves some degree of trial and error. Even with some research and well-meaning advice from your local plant dealer, it may take you a moment to figure out the soil and what plants it is suitable for. A couple of unsuccessful tries often see most homeowners throw in the towel or hire a professional to get the job done.

A garden sensor could, however, transform your garden experience. It is designed to be rooted in the soil where it gathers data such as:

  • Soil nutrition
  • Moisture levels
  • Humidity
  • Light intensity

Armed with this data, you would have an easier time figuring out what plants to introduce during certain times. It could equally guide you in finding eco-friendly solutions for your soil such as compost manure.

Smart Sprinkler Controllers

Water sprinklers have often been flagged as enemies of environmental consciousness. They use heaps of water in what is arguably a wasteful way. Where such water sprinklers are unregulated, they also present the risk of over-watering which may not bode well for the overall health of the soil in your property. For home gardens, this may be the reason why some of your plants, flowers, or vegetables are not thriving.

Smart water sprinkler controllers give you command over your sprinkler or irrigation system. They are built with sensors that take note of weather data to determine when and how much to water your landscape. This feature easily eliminates the wastage of water and takes the guesswork out of deciding whether to water or not. Additionally, you can set a watering schedule for specific zones on your property. This may save you from an unexpected shower as you get home from work or when you are hosting guests in your backyard.

Smart Gardens

Smart gardens are a great way to go if you have minimal time to maintain a fully-fledged garden or have a small outdoor space. They can best be described as planters with smart technology that controls temperature, moisture, and similar conditions required for plant growth. They do not require pesticides or herbicides which can be harmful to your health and the environment.

Smart and Eco-friendly Garden-care Tools - smart garden

Each smart garden design has a unique working principle. However, the common factor is that in all of them, the input that would be required of you is minimal. If you happen to travel often, you can even leave your plants set up in one and monitor the progress remotely via a smart device. With regard to installation, they take up very little room and can even be placed indoors. The plants’ lighting needs would be supplied using special LED lights with measured light intensity.

Pond Monitoring Systems

Ponds with fish like koi are a gem to have in your home garden space. Upon installing one, sitting in your garden with lush greenery and watching fish swimming could feel like something of a fairy tale. Yet, the bliss of ponds is something you might be shying away from because you worry about the challenges of maintenance.

Once again, technology comes to the rescue. With an automated pond monitoring system, you would be able to get real-time feedback on the state of your pond. Such as system would provide you with:

  • Weather conditions
  • Live monitoring via an online HD camera
  • Water quality information
  • Historical data to inform you of seasonal patterns
  • An alarm to prompt you when water quality needs to be addressed

This information would make managing your pond a walk in the park. The data will tell you what needs to be attended to and prompt you on when to do it. Coupled with other eco-friendly solutions like non-chemical UV sterilizers, such a pond monitoring system would see your fish thrive. Click here to learn more on how such resources could work for your pond.

Automated Lawnmowers

If you are tired of adding ‘mow the lawn on the honey-do-list, then automated lawnmowers were made just for you. They are designed with smart teachability like robots and can be set to mow specific areas of your landscape evenly. Plus, if your neighborhood association lawn regulations recommend certain grass heights, you can set a robotic lawnmower to cut the grass to the desired level.

Smart and Eco-friendly Garden-care Tools - automated lawn mower

Lawnmower maintenance is often a challenge for most people as well. Sometimes you just never remember to service it until it breaks down. To avoid this, consider investing in a lawn connector kit. It would send you diagnostic updates on which parts of your lawnmower require care.


Garden-care can be a relaxing hobby that allows you to enjoy nature and take your mind off other things. It can be even more rewarding if you can harness technology and achieve your goals with relative ease and in an eco-friendly way. So, before you give up, give smart gardening solutions a chance.

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