Small Garden Decor Guide – 6 Ideas to Give Your Garden a Makeover

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Everyone wants to enjoy a bit of quality time in a nicely decorated space outdoors. The garden is the place you go to in order to forget about daily worries and concerns, and only to relax. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, decorating it is a bit of a challenge. There are plenty of ideas out there, and they may work wonders individually, but not together.

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Here are six ideas to give your garden a makeover without investing a fortune.

Terraces for small gardens

Got a small garden? No problem. You can do a lot of things with such a garden and give it a chic and stylish approach without too much work. Terraces are ideal then. Come up with a few different levels. According to Aston Sheds, the idea provides extra space and sizing to your garden, making it look bigger. Besides, different terraces will give you the option to try out different styles, such as decorations on a layer, certain flowers on a different level, a couple of chairs on a different one, and so on.

Keep the place aerated with plants

Plants tend to make a place feel crowded, but only if you exaggerate with them. Then, you need a bit of color and shape in your garden anyway, rather than just a plain lawn. Fortunately, there is a visual way to add more plants for style and decoration but without going over the limit. Keep the plants small. In the worst possible case, you can stick to middle-sized plants, but this is it. Avoid large plants because they will make the garden feel overcrowded. Also, opt for colors similar to the lawn rather than different shades and nuances. More colors provide the exact same overcrowded effect.

Use lighting accordingly

If you think a sensor-based light is more than enough for your garden, you are wrong. Sure, this is the convenient way, but not the best option if you want style and an enjoyable experience. It makes no difference how much natural light your garden gets. Spending evenings outdoors with your family and friends will be more fun if you have an extra source of light. Get the lighting fixtures based on the activities in your garden. If you like to barbecue, opt for powerful lights, close to the natural one. Basically, find a focal point for the main light and use ambient light for the rest.

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Bring in multifunction items

Multifunction items are excellent for saving space in your garden, whether it is small or large. For example, instead of chairs around a mini table, opt for two little benches with a bit of storage underneath. Use them as chairs for your morning coffee, but you can also use them to store different things, such as your dog’s toys or gardening tools. Store pillows for the benches, folding chairs, and other things you use in the garden.

The concept of vertical gardens

Vertical gardens have gained more and more notoriety over the past years, and for some good reasons. First, they look great. They are different, so they will draw instant attention. Second, they are practical in small gardens. There are plenty of things allowing you to grow plants vertically. They climb and cling onto things, so they will obviously need some support. If you are creative and like doing things yourself, you can also come up with your own design based on metallic boxes and ropes, just to give you an example. Either way, building a vertical garden will become an attractive visual element in the yard.

Decorate the fence

If your garden is surrounded by a fence, give it a complete makeover, and it will change the whole aspect of your design. For example, you can paint it. Give it a different color or nuance. You can also apply different decorations to it for aesthetic value. Indeed, fencing may give your garden a smaller aspect, but at the end of the day, you want privacy and safety as well. Plus, a fence will make the overall design look deeper and feel more intimate. Fence decorations can go in more directions and may start with a few hanging pots. Give your garden more green or color, and you will notice a change straight away.

Lights may also represent a good idea, but there is a very fine line between style and kitsch in terms of lighting, so be careful there. Bottom line, there is not too much to do to enhance your garden. You do not need to try too hard, yet there are lots of options and ideas to make it happen. A complete makeover does not necessarily have to be an expensive investment. You can change the whole appearance of your garden with a few simple DIY ideas.

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