How to Find Suitable Greenhouse Benches

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You have finally decided to take the plunge and build your own greenhouse. Or you already have it, but it requires some repair and renovation. At some point, you will have to think about the layout inside your covered garden.

How to Find Suitable Greenhouse Benches

You could grow your plants in the ground, as it is the easiest and cheapest option, but you will not have complete temperature and moisture control there. Plus, diseases and rot may complicate the breeding process. You will not have that problem with greenhouse benches (if you choose the suitable material and add-ons). They will also give you extra space.

Think of the Material

After dimensions, this is a factor that will significantly affect the price of benches. Wood is the popular choice among greenhouse owners. When done right, it will look great and last for years, but it is not the cheapest solution. Wood shelves and tables can get quite expensive when you factor in installation and accessories, not to mention the maintenance required to keep them looking great.

For the greenhouse owners who want a simple structure to fit the area and stay on budget, metal benches are the way to go. They are less expensive and easy to work with. Unlike wood, these shelves are low maintenance. You just have to protect them from rust, and they’ll keep their refined look for years. The bench dimensions will depend on the greenhouse size, the plants you grow in it, but also on your budget. If you are doing gardening as a hobby, you do not have to spend a fortune on greenhouse equipping. Moreover, you can also get used shelves if they are in good condition.

Layout Options

Once you have narrowed down the type of material, it is time to start thinking about design. Some people would use simple shelves to create a focal point that contrasts with the rest of the garden. Others prefer to equip the greenhouse with different materials. If you are into DIY, you can buy ready-made bench kits that include all parts and instructions. If you grow vegetables and herbaceous plants, you can opt for a simple layout. Or you can combine different materials and styles that will look great if you have a variety of flowers and herbs in pots.

Do you want several small stations for growing and flowering plants? Or you need a few platforms for displaying your finished products? Does the area you have to work with allow you to make the most of the sun and shade? If you grow plants that need more sun, single shelves will be acceptable. Well-arranged plants in pots will have enough space to absorb sunlight. For seedlings that need more shade and moisture, you can opt for leveled benches. They can be pretty convenient and decorative.

Fixed or Mobile Bench

Do you plan to relocate benches often? In greenhouses of smaller dimensions, there is not too much room to move around. Fixed boards are recommended for these areas. You probably keep most of your plants in pots, so they will be standing on these boards. Just make sure they are sturdy enough to handle the weight.

How to Find Suitable Greenhouse Benches - benches

If your inner garden is spacious, it may be good to buy movable benches. These provide you with the most space utilization. You can position your plants in the best site according to the light and heat source. Also, it will be easier for you to walk through the greenhouse. On the following page, find out the best ways to organize your glass garden:

Gardening Table

Also called the potting bench, this is an unavoidable part of every greenhouse. You can hold pots on it, and you have a work area where you would perform simple planting tasks, such as selecting seeds or transplanting plants from one pot to another. This work desk also has a storage space where you can keep all your tools and supplies.

Raised Beds

Raised beds look very nice. These are cases or fenced parts of the greenhouse lifted from the ground and filled with soil. You could see them in outdoor gardens and on balconies. These spaces allow you to create micro conditions for growing plants at will. The higher these beds, the better the drainage they have. It goes great for plants that require much watering. The chance of harmful microorganisms and pests developing in the soil is minimal. That is why the yields from raising beds are generally better than in ‘ordinary’ cultivation.

The only bad thing about this type of greenhouse bench bed is the slightly higher price than for standard shelves. You could save some money by making these beds using your DIY skills. Check this link for instructions. The final step in learning how to choose a bench type for your greenhouse is the cost. Think about the budget you have to purchase the items. Sometimes your DIY skills can save you a lot. Learning how to choose benches for your greenhouse is mostly a matter of planning and making decisions based on your goals.

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