Simple Outdoor Lighting Ideas That Might Interest You

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During the festive season and other outdoor activities, your backyard, compound, or any other outdoor avenue needs to be lit to the maximum. Outdoor lighting keeps the fun going even on the darkest night and provides security against incoming intruders, animals, and insects. Outdoor lighting has three main functions: to provide protection, to accentuate the available features, and also to provide focus on what’s available. Sometimes you can use one for all tasks or incorporate all.

Simple Outdoor Lighting Ideas That Might Interest You

This article will discuss some of the lighting ideas you can pick for your backyard or other outdoor places. Here is the list.

Security Lighting

Outdoors and backyards are open places that might be invaded anytime by unwanted people, animals, and even insects. It is in these areas where thieves get the chance of stealing and destroying the fun. When planning for outdoor activity, the least interruption you will expect is invasion by the unwelcome guests. How do you help with this? You can avoid this by installing security lighting to provide enough illumination to the area. Some of the best security lightings are the 120V-high-posts lighting installed on backyards, garages, or event venues to provide more security by keeping off invaders. Suppose it’s in the backyard or garage. In that case, you can use the motion-sensored lighting, which works when invaded and helps reduce energy bills. You can also invest in solar-powered lighting, which is automatic and energy-friendly.

String Lighting

There are various relaxing activities you can do outdoors which require string lighting. String lighting is soft, string-like, low-voltage lighting, which provides an intimate ambiance to your outdoor setting, whether it’s a party or the backdoor garden. These fairy lights can be hanged wherever, at different heights with different colors to create a fantastic ambiance for your event. You can put them on the eaves of your house, fences, outdoor kitchen, outdoor pavilion posts, or gazebo, especially if you want to light even the furniture. What are some of their advantages? Most of these lights are waterproof, battery-powered to ensure they don’t consume more power, and are rechargeable, meaning they can work even when there is a power disruption. One more thing, you can find solar-powered string lights which come with their panel and bulbs and are remote-controlled. You can remote-dim or brighten them depending on the event and time.

Path Lighting

There is always a path or road which leads to your house from the main road. How have you invested in it? Most people still neglect the lighting, which leads to stumbling and falling or other accidents when late getting home. It is essential to have some path-lighting leading to your house, backyard, field, garden, or any other place you can visit when the sunsets. You can install path lighting on the ground with posts, on the stepping stones, walls, or your house to illuminate the way. There are different types of path lighting you can choose from, ranging from 12V to 15V, and you might put other colored bulbs to decorate the place. You can also use a solar-rechargeable battery to power them to save on energy bills. With most bulbs becoming energy-efficient, you are sure to have a well-lit, appealing way to your house at a lower cost.

Outdoor wall lighting

If you live in a modern home, you might have that outdoor place where you rest after a hard day’s work or during weekends and take your favorite drink. Such functions end up late at night, and you require lighting in the areas for security and ambiance. Outdoor wall lighting helps to provide lighting in these areas. They are low voltage and can be moderated depending on the function and the location. The good thing about these lights is that you can mount them vertically on walls, on stairways, on sunken seating areas, on pool tables, in low-lying spots, and on swimming pools.

Simple Outdoor Lighting Ideas That Might Interest You - lantern


Lanterns have been in use for outdoor lighting since time immemorial. These lights offer soft, low beam, and low voltage lighting and are best used to spice up architectural designs or decorations. You can use them on the backdoor or window and provide an appealing look to the areas intended. These lights consist of glass-and-metal exteriors, which are attached to a fixed arm extending to a wall. You can either buy energy-efficient electric lighting or use the battery or solar-powered ones to conserve your bills.

There are many outdoor lighting varieties you might be interested in, with the above being part of the examples. It only depends on the venue, area, activity going on, and your home and backyard. It’s essential having them appropriately fixed to avoid damages and other inconveniences. It is also crucial to go for the best quality, energy-saving bulbs to cut costs.

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