How to Choose the Right Pool Cue

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When we begin in the world of billiards, it is when the million-dollar question comes to us: What cue do I choose? The purchase of the pool cue depends on several factors, such as, How long have we been playing pool? What objective do we have? Are we going to play as a hobby or compete?

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Well, it depends on the use that we are going to give the billiard, we can begin to consider the characteristics that we will need when purchasing the cue. There are few fundamental parts of the taco that we must know:

The club or club

The club or club is the bottom of the block, and it is the most substantial and thickest part. It is usually colored, and it is also where the “grip” is located.

The Shaft

We know the arrow of the block as the top of it, that is, the thinnest and lightest part.

The bagel

This part is the one that joins the arrow and the club. We can find it of many types: unlock, 3x8x10, 5x16x18, x5x16x14.

The ferrule

The cap/ferrule is the small white piece that joins the wood of the arrow with the sole.

The sole

This piece is a small piece of leather vital because it is in charge of contacting the white ball. Its function is to transmit the cue’s energy to the ball and hold on to it as much as possible. The cue, the less it passes, the more control we will have over it. The standard measurements of most billiard cues are: Length: between 145 and 150 cm Weight: between 500 gr and 600 gr

What type of grip is better to choose?

There are four types of grip; it all depends on the grip you prefer:

  • Rubber grip, with this grip, you will have a better
  • Without the grip, here we find a smooth and shiny. This type of grip allows a good grip with the humidity of the hand.
  • Leather grip, with this grip, we will have a better touch, but it offers less grip than
  • Linen grip, this grip lets more air through, and therefore the grip feeling is

To know if a billiard or pool cue is right, you should consider some crucial aspects so that you can find the best one and make the decision to buy the best one in different stores on the market.

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Materials and expert opinions

  • In this regard, you must determine the colors, the manufacturing material, design, and brand, model. It is vital that you buy a good cue that adapts to what you are looking for, and that will surely make you return with your renewed illusions when you play your game of It will not only make your pool game better but will make your game room more attractive to you and your friends.
  • The toe (sole or shoe) is one of the essential points, and there are many quality brands that will make your heel merely the
  • Another essential factor is the deflection that it produces, that is to say, the deviation that the white ball undergoes when it is hit with effect. Here the quality of the taco takes on an aspect of great
  • The club is another vital element, especially for the types of grips that exist in the game of billiards or pool. We refer to the back (baton), which you can remove the rubber protection and put it on without problems. The material must be of good quality in this part of the block to be considered
  • We also recommend that you consult the opinion of players and fans of pool or When you feel the touch of the billiard cue, it will help you make a better decision once you know some suggestions from those who know the most about this sport.
  • Another favorable point is to visit forums on the internet so that you finish dispelling your doubts. There are many people who share and offer selfless help to people who share this hobby or

Other considerations

  • The budget you have is also a determining factor so that you buy that right stick that you want to have on your pool table. But dont forget to buy a good break cue as well. Otherwise, you have to suffer while
  • The level of play is of relative If you are starting in the pool, buy a good cue that is functional and adapts to your level of play.
  • Measurements and weight are significant to know the quality of a In this sport, there is a great variety of measures and weights of excellent quality

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