Signs That You Need To Install A New Roof

Most homeowners don’t even consider changing their roofs as a necessity. In fact, they tend to wait until the damage is out of hand before taking appropriate measures. What they don’t realize however this habit of procrastination will, in the end, cost them more. The earlier you tackle roof maintenance issues, the better it’s to save the situation and preventing further damages to other parts of the house such as the foundation and floor.
Signs That You Need To Install A New Roof

You wouldn’t also want to place your loved ones’ lives in danger, right? Below are clear signs that your house needs a new roof.

Loose Gutters

Gutters can give your house a beautiful appearance. But their primary objective is to offer direction to all the water falling on your roof. Therefore, they should always be correctly installed and sturdy. So if you happen to notice overly loose gutters, then it’s time to consider a repair or total replacement depending on the severity of the matter. This helps curb roof, wall, and floor damages. Team Roofing, which is the best Roofing Company in Atlanta, has the necessary expertise needed to get the job done on-time and on-budget and only uses the best materials available.

Faulty Flashing Points

Flashing is a critical part of house construction and roofing for that matter. It helps zeal vulnerable parts of the roof from possible leakages. So if they have issues or were ignored in the process, water can easily find its way into the house causing a lot of damage.

A Ray Of Sunshine Through Your Attic

It’s one thing waking up to rays of sunshine from your bedroom window and totally another to have the same from the rooftop. If light can easily penetrate, then it means anything else such as rain, particles, and dusk can also find their way in. The best way to tackle this is by getting timely professional mending. As stated by experts at, water damages can occur at any time and timely intervention makes the patching process much easier and less costly.

Signs that you need to install a new roof - damaged roof

How Old Is Your Roof?

There is a prominent assumption that roofs should stay a lifetime. But that’s far from the truth. Adding more years to your roof only forwards problems. It might look okay from the outside but with a crumbling structure. The standard roof lifespan should be around 25 years.

A Trace Of Vegetation On The Rooftop

There is nothing cool about the sight of vegetation on the rooftop. Mostly, this comes as a result of prolonged dampness to encourage the growth of molds, algae, etc. So if there’s a sign of plants on your roof then discoloration isn’t far away.

Slipping Shingling

If you notice a spot a bare spot on your roof without shingling, then be ready to experience some waterfalls on your foundation. The same case also applies to lose shingles as they indicate poor installation. Sometimes it’s impossible to correct the situation thus requiring new roof installation.

If you have even the slightest doubt that your roof isn’t stable or damaged, then it’s vital to have it checked as soon as possible. This will help rectify minor patches on time to prevent the problem from escalating. But in cases where the patches are bigger, then you might have to consider getting a new roof installation. Remember the earlier you detect such issues, the better it would be for you, your family and your bank balance.

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