How to clean gutters

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Cleaning the gutters of your property should be a part of any home maintenance schedule. Without careful cleaning and maintenance, you’ll be leaving your property at the risk of extensive water damage.

How to clean gutters

A very costly mistake is that the damage is left unattended for too long. Regular maintenance and care are crucial for preventing large home repairs. Gutters should be professionally cleaned and taken care of at least once if not twice a year. This way you will guarantee a healthy gutter usage with minimum risk from unexpected damage and repairs.
The cost of gutter cleaning is surely worth being considered compared to the cost of gutter repairs. The final sum of expenses depends mostly on the climate where your property is located, and whether there are a lot of trees in the area. According to Nathan from Handyman London Please, gutter cleaning is a job you could do yourself, but in terms of risk, hassle and nerves, you’re always better off calling or at least consulting with an expert. Professional cleaners use high-end gear like gutter crawlers that do the job far better than us humans do, not to mention the vast know-how and experience.

Save yourself the risk of climbing a ladder and working at heights. Bare in mind that the percentage of people hurt while DIY is a number to consider. Often something as simple as de-clogging your gutters results in a variety of unexpected and surely unwanted injuries. DIY or not, it is always a good idea to consult with an experienced professional. Here’re a few clever handyman tips to help you figure out what is best for your property:

What Will Happen if You Don’t Clean Your Gutters?

If you don’t add gutter cleaning into your property maintenance schedule, you run the risk of them overflowing, which will in turn lead to rotting fascia boards and window sills. You could also find that you’ve got damp patches on your walls, and on the patio or in the ground. When water flows into your foundations it weakens the footings and can lead to cracks. Moss, leaves and other debris will also get into the water-waste system, thereby increasing the possibility of a blockage. Allowing your gutters to become clogged with leaves, moss and other particles will lead to standing water, which is a popular breeding ground for mosquitoes. The gutter litter will also be a perfect home for unwanted pests such as birds, mice and other insects.

How to clean gutters - gutters overflowing

All of these issues will be very costly to repair. Far in excess of the cost of a regular gutter cleaning service.

How much does gutter cleaning cost?

Well this depends on several factors. When they give you a quote, gutter cleaning companies consider the following attributes:
Height of your property – cleaning the gutters of a single storey house will of course cost less than anything higher. Costs will increase along with the height of your property, as the risk of injury increases and the work may require specialist equipment.

Size of your gutters – sometimes the cost will depend on the size of the guttering system, or will be calculated by the size of the property. The larger the property the greater the cost.

The condition of your gutters – if your gutters haven’t been cleaned for a while then it’s going to cost more. This is because there will be more debris to clear, which will add to the time.

Added extras will of course add to the price. The following services may or may not be available:

Checking fixtures and fittings – some professional gutter cleaning companies will inspect and tighten up gutter fastenings, if necessary. Resealing end caps and outlets could also be included, along with other repairs.

Installing a gutter cover – you may be given the option of having a gutter guard installed, which could reduce the need for such regular gutter cleaning in the future.

Down spout cleaning – some professional gutter cleaning companies charge extra, and some include this in their package. Keeping your downspouts clean is a vital part of the regular maintenance, as it will ensure any excess water flows away from your house.

Possible discounts – you may be able to find a company that offers discounts to regular customers, or one that has lower gutter cleaning prices during their quietest periods. There are also companies who offer special offers if the gutters to be cleaned are on adjacent properties. So don’t forget to ask your neighbours if they’re interested in having theirs done too. Finding a company with attractive discounts will reduce your cost even further.

High Tech Equipment Should be Used

“Truly professional gutter cleaning experts rarely use the old fashioned ladders, nowadays” Lisbeth Larose from the Join Fantastic Franchise says. “Things have moved on from a guy climbing a ladder and cleaning the gutters with a bucket and brush”.

Today’s sophisticated gutter equipment includes vacuums, miniature cameras and extra long hoses. This means there is no need for hydraulic platforms, scaffolding and of course the ladder is completely redundant. Having access to such modern equipment also means that gutters can be cleaned even in difficult to access areas. There will be no need to enter your property, you don’t even need to be at home.

Shouldn’t You Do It Yourself?

Studies have shown that falls are the biggest cause of injury and deaths in the home. You might not realise it but you are putting yourself at risk if you hire somebody whose work is not covered by personal liability and workers compensation insurance. Don’t just let anyone come and clean your gutters, without thinking about what will happen if they get hurt. Only let a professional, who has the expertise and insurance, to clean your gutters and keep yourself safe.

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