Raise the Roof: Top Signs Your Home Needs a New Roof

Does your home need a new roof? How can you tell? Check out this guide to learn the top signs your home needs a new roof. When you go outside and look at your home, what do you fixate on? Is it the bright siding or the landscaping you put so much time into? Odds are it isn’t the roof.

Signs Your Home Needs a New Roof

Your roof is something that is constant. It’s always going to be fine, right? Sorry, but if you’ve lived in your home for a decade or two, you probably need a new roof. It takes a lot of punishment through the years from the scorching heat of the sun during the summer to the pelting of rain and snow in the spring and winter. You’ll learn some of the signs that your roof is a little worse for wear and needs replacement.

If Shingles Are Missing, You Need New Roof

When it storms, high-speed winds whip across your roof. Over time, the shingles loosen and eventually blow off. It doesn’t mean a large patch falls off, it could be a few here and there, but without them, your protection decreases. It also means that there are other shingles loose and also lowering your protection. Without those shingles, the water can get into the roof area and begin creating a leak or rotting the plywood underneath the shingles.

Your Neighbors Get a New Roof

Why would seeing your neighbors getting roof repair mean you probably need one as well? Houses in neighborhoods and subdivisions are built around the same time. They get hit by the same storms and go through the same weather changes. If your neighbor’s roof needs replaced, then yours isn’t likely far behind. If you see multiple neighbors getting their roofs done, then it’s time to get an inspection for yours. If fact, ask your neighbors who they chose for their roofer and get their recommendations.

Leaks Appear in Your Ceiling

The purpose of the roofing system on your home is to funnel water to the downspouts and protect your roof and ceiling from leaks. The shingles keep water from getting into the home. If you notice leaks in your ceiling, then there is something wrong with the roof.

Signs your home needs a new roof - ceiling leak

Wear and tear can loosen the shingles or pooling water can wear them down until water enters the home. Water can travel long distances before manifesting in your ceiling as a leak. Water not only damages the shingles, but the plywood under the shingles and the roof supports. If gone unchecked, it can weaken your roof structure.

Visible Single Decay

According to the experts from KVN construction, shingles are prone to decay over time. The constant flow of water on them year after year can break down the materials. You’ll notice visible shingle decay such broken shingles, shingles with their edges curled up and shingles with the outside covering worn away. These are visible signs that you need a new roof. It’s only a matter of time before water leaks into your roof if it hasn’t already.

Don’t Wait for Roof Replacement

We know getting a new roof can be expensive, but it’s better than replacing a massive hole in your ceiling caused by water rot or having your roof collapse. If your roof needs replaced, then get it done quickly before the damage gets worse. If you want to learn more about roof repair and roof maintenance, then explore our site.

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