4 Signs That Your Air Conditioning Needs A Repair

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In many countries, air conditioning is a real lifesaver. If you live somewhere that is incredibly humid in the summer or just remains hot all day and night then it is the only way of staying cool. If you find yourself depending on your air conditioning unit in the summer months then you should be aware of when it needs to be repaired.

4 Signs That Your Air Conditioning Needs A Repair

This article aims to give you four signs that your air conditioning needs repair.

Your Electricity Bill Has Gone Up Dramatically

One of the biggest signs that your electricity bills have suddenly gone up by a lot. Air conditioning units are naturally very energy consumptive but you should know roughly what are normal levels for your use from when you first had it installed. As mentioned at Allplant Auto Electrics, when an air conditioning unit becomes worn down it becomes inefficient and uses more electricity to cool your home. You should keep a watchful eye on your bills and notice when they start to increase for no apparent reason. This could be due to an inefficient air conditioner. If your electricity bill has gone up dramatically then it could be time to get your air conditioner repaired.

Your Air Conditioning Is Not Cooling Effectively

When you have an air conditioning unit you get used to a certain level of temperature control. If it slowly seems that you are constantly turning the air conditioning thermostat down to a cooler temperature, then it might be time for a repair. If your air conditioning unit is not able to achieve the temperature that it is meant to then there is a problem inside. It could be several things but is often due to the fan getting clogged up. A replacement fan is a relatively easy fix but it is worth getting an expert technician from LAfixit.com to check that it is not a more serious problem If you feel that your air conditioning unit is not working as effectively as it used to it might be time to get it repaired.

Your System Is Very Noisy

In an ideal world, an air conditioning unit would only exert energy to cool the air that it sucks in. This would be pure and unadulterated efficiency and make for an excellent air conditioner. In reality, every type of electronic device has a level of inefficiency. Heat or noise are common side effects of an inefficient motor, for instance. For an air conditioning unit, if you notice that it is suddenly making noises that it did not use to, it probably means that it is not running at optimum efficiency. Any odd clanks or the general hum increasing in volume are all signs that your air conditioning unit is struggling to fulfill its purpose. If you find that your air conditioning system is getting gradually noisier and noisier, it is probably time to get it repaired.

4 Signs That Your Air Conditioning Needs A Repair - thermostat

It Is Dripping Water

A really common thing that happens to air conditioning units that have not been serviced for a while, is that they will start dripping water. Because of the way air conditioning works, a small amount of condensation is generally produced when the hot air turns into colder air. In most units, there is an internal drain pipe that collects this water and keeps it away from the rest of the inner workings. The problem is that over time, these pipes tend to get clogged up with dirt or even mold, as the air that they suck in is not always super clean. Dust that gets wet will slowly turn into moldy sludge which will easily overwhelm the pipe. As soon as you notice drips coming out of your air conditioning you must turn it off to save it from any potential water damage. To prevent this from happening you should try to get your unit serviced at least once every three months.

Repair And Protect

Air conditioning units are often considered essential bits of kit. In countries where it is very hot, these air conditioners get put through their paces every day. This amount of use leads to excessive wear which can cause the units to break down if not properly addressed. Keeping up with regular maintenance on your air conditioning is essential to preserve the longevity of your unit. Four common signs that your need to get your air conditioner repaired are; that your electricity bill has gone up dramatically, that it is not cooling effectively, that air conditioner is very noisy and that it is dripping water. If you manage to keep an eye on all these things then you should be able to stay cool even on the hottest of days.

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    My sister mentioned to me that her AC system has been much louder recently. It is good to know that noisy units need to be repaired. I’ll suggest that my sister hire an HVAC repair contractor as soon as she can.