Shou Sugi Ban – A Unique Japanese Charred Cedar Siding

Architectural designs are on the rise, and people are looking for unique ways to build a home. This trend has always been there since ancient times. In this case, Shou Sugi Ban is a Japanese style of designing wood and treating it to make it last longer. Its other name is ‘Yakisugi.’ Here, it is exposed to the fire where it is burnt to make the surface charred. It is commonly used in Cedar plant, which is suitable for this process. However, it has made a comeback where designers recommend for its style and preservation.

Shou Sugi Ban - A Unique Japanese Charred Cedar Siding That Is Popular In 2019

Here is what you need to know about Yakisugi:

1) Durability

Yakisugi is a trend that most people are depending on when they are building any wooden material. This is to avoid the modern materials that have no durability yet expensive. This charred cedar siding has durability due to the strong layer of carbon that forms in the wood once it is burnt. This concentration in Yakisugi siding can serve you for a very long time without any complication once you follow the correct procedures. It is mainly used for exterior purpose due to exposure. This process requires a cedar plant since it can adapt to these types of conditions.

2) Beauty

Beauty is a significant concern when you are building a home. This makes you feel comfortable, especially before visitors. Well, Yakisugi is the best approach that you can use to attain the qualities of beauty. The charring process comes with various options where you can have a sleek burn that is not highly burnt or deep black, which is highly burned. All these can bring different tones and styles for your home, depending on your taste. Here you only require looking for the right wood to burn since they vary.

Shou Sugi Ban - A Unique Japanese Charred Cedar Siding That Is Popular In 2019 - modern house

3) Water-Resistant

Taking all safety measures before building a home is the right choice since you will prevent any future damages in your home that may lead to expenses. Water can cause damage to your home, especially to the wooden materials. This way, you are recommended to use water-resistant, material. Charred cedar siding qualifies for these qualities. It forms a layer of carbon that prevents any penetration of water. It works well once combined with oil to prevent mold. Using it on the exterior part of the house is the right choice due to climate changes.

4) Insect Repellant

Insects are a major challenge, especially to wooden material. Wood contains chemicals that insect treat as food. Any infestation of insects in woods can make it weak, which lowers its rate of durability. Yakisugi is the most recommended way of getting rid of these insects even before they infest. This is because the charring process burns the chemicals forming a thick layer of carbon that acts as a repellent. It is also recommended since it is eco friendly, rather than using chemicals, which cause pollution.

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