How Weather brings an Influx of Spiders into City Homes

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You may wonder why there suddenly seems to be a large influx of spiders into your home; especially if you live in the city and wildlife isn’t generally an issue.

How Weather brings an Influx of Spiders into City Homes

The fact is that there are spiders everywhere, most of the time, but hot weather encourages them into your home; and for a good reason. Of course, most spiders are simply annoying as you walk into their sticky webs. But, if you have an excessive number of them in your home or you are worried that the spiders may be dangerous, then you need to call the experts, you can click here to find out more about the help available to you locally.


Spiders have a substance like anti-freeze in their blood; this allows them to survive comfortably in all weathers. In effect, they don’t even notice it’s cold.

But, insects are not so lucky, they do feel the cold. In the cooler months, they need to find somewhere warm t live this could be deep in the soil, under rocks, or in your home. After all, if it’s warm enough and good enough for you then it’s good enough for the insects!

The connection is simple, spiders may not feel the cold, but they do feed on insects. If you have insects entering your home then the spiders will follow; because that’s their food source.

In short, you can reduce or eliminate the number of spiders in your home by focusing on the insects in your home. Eliminate them and their access points and you’ll remove the spiders; without even having to kill or approach them!

Check Food

It’s not just temperature and the right access point to your home that can allow insects, followed by spiders in. The packaged food you bring into your home can carry insects or attract flies, especially if you leave your fruit on the side.

How weather brings an influx of spiders into city homes - spawn of spiders

As soon as the flies are attracted, the spiders will follow; they are one of the easiest and most delicious meals for a spider! Even moisture can be a reason for insects to come into your home, especially if you’re enjoying a hot and dry summer! Again, the spiders will follow.

As you can see the real issue isn’t the spiders, it’s the insects that are attracted for a wide variety of reasons; they can see your home as the perfect place to stay whether it’s hot or cold; their decision will be based on the outside environment versus what your home offers.

The Solution

Pest control experts can help to eliminate a spider issue. But, they are also excellent at identifying the spiders local to your area. By understanding what insects these spiders are most likely to eat you’ll be able to identify the best methods of protecting your home from these insects.

No insects mean no spiders. It doesn’t even take that long to achieve, providing you follow the right steps and identify the access points and issues first and you’ll prevent the influx of spiders in your home!

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