Learn to Set Up Your Inflatable Hot Tub Like A Professional

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An inflatable hot tub is a great investment. For a fraction of the price of a rigid tub, you get lots of fun, relaxation with friends and family, and a real asset for your home. Once you’ve made your choice, you’ll want to make sure you get the best out of your tub, for as long as possible.

Learn to Set Up Your Inflatable Hot Tub Like A Professional

Here are a few tips to help you start out in the right direction.

Choose a flat surface

It can be tempting to set up your inflatable in a spot which looks big enough, especially if you’re a bit pushed for space. However, it’s essential to find an area of your garden or yard which is completely flat. That means as close to horizontal as possible, and with no humps or bumps which could damage the underside of your tub. A flat, solid base does much of the hard, weight-bearing work of an inflatable hot tub. If you need some further advice on how to maintain your tub, check out www.inflatablehottubguide.com/ for a full range of topics that help beginners and experts.

Shelter from the wind

The next thing is to find somewhere which isn’t exposed to the wind. If you have trees or a high fence, these could be ideal; of course, you don’t want a wall or other obstruction which will block out the sun. This is often a bit of a balancing act, but it’s important to remember that the wind will not only spoil your enjoyment, it will very quickly take expensive heat away from your tub’s water. Quality windbreaks are available, which provide privacy as well as shelter.

Protect your ground

Having found the right spot, you may need to carry out work to protect the area on and around which your tub will sit and be used. Don’t make the mistake of placing it directly onto grass, if you have a lawn. Even with an insulating mat underneath, your tub will be vulnerable to damp, mud and animals, even on a semi-permanent surface. The best way is to have a raised area, completely away from the ground; this also helps with privacy.

Learn to Set Up Your Inflatable Hot Tub Like A Professional - girl in hot tub

Read the owner’s manual

Before you unpack your new hot tub, read the owner’s manual carefully. There are actually quite a lot of parts which come with the tub, from pipes and connectors to a motor, filters and more. If any part is missing or damaged, your set up will just not work. If you’re unsure of anything in your manual, use the internet to double-check; or use any media included in your pack.

Add chemicals straight away

Once you’ve inflated and filled your hot tub, be sure to add the chemical float which comes with it immediately. This will have chlorine or bromine in it and is vital for keeping your water safe to use. There is a time limit on these chemicals, so make sure you have enough supplies to last as long as you need. If your float’s chemicals run out, you will need to completely re-fill and re-heat your tub, which is expensive and time-consuming.

Use professional help

Don’t think of your inflatable hot tub installation as a DIY project. As a priority, you’ll need plumbing for a water supply and a waste outlet; call a professional to install and test these correctly before use. If you’re going for a patio and/or raised area to protect your garden and tub, have this constructed by a tradesperson; this will give you peace of mind and get as much pleasure as possible from your tub, for many years.

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