How To Save Money On Heating And Cooling At Your Home

Summer is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year. People want to enjoy outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, etc. Winter, too, has a few fun activities. Plus, many people love the snow. Unfortunately, both seasons are also notorious for increasing utility bills. You need to keep your AC on during summer and turn up the heater when winter comes around. These seasons can take your utility bills off the roof if you are not careful. We are here to help you avoid that.

How To Save Money On Heating And Cooling At Your Home

Below are some of the top hacks  you can use to keep your utility bills for cooling and heating down without compromising your comfort:

1.   Conduct A Home Energy Audit

The first step to maximizing your utility bill savings is conducting an energy audit. For this, we would recommend getting a professional. They will audit your energy consumption and pinpoint potential issues with your system. They can suggest repairing or upgrading your AC, for example. Although hiring a professional and replacing some units means spending extra cash, the investments are worthwhile since they’ll save you more money down the road.

2.   Use A Fan

Ceiling fans can keep you cool during the winter without skyrocketing your utility bills. The best fans are very energy efficient, so they will boost air circulation in the room without taking as much energy as some air conditioners would. recommends buying ceiling fans with an ENERGY STAR label as they are more energy-efficient.

3.   Utilize Your Blinds

Blinds can lower your utility bills by helping you control how the weather outside affects your home’s temperatures. During summer, close the blinds to keep the heat from getting into the house. With the right blinds, this technique will insulate your home and keep it cool. You might also be able to use the blinds during winter. Opening the blinds on the south windows of your home can allow heat from the sun rays to enter your home. Windows also affect your home’s energy consumption. As the folks at Pure Energy Window Company recognize, windows affect how much heat enters or escapes from your home. Therefore, you may have to replace your windows and even doors to make your home more energy-efficient.

How To Save Money On Heating And Cooling At Your Home - blinds

4.   Upgrade To A Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat ensures your air conditioner is used only when it’s needed. You can program the thermostat to turn the conditioner on and off automatically. Speaking of which, you can reduce your utility bills tremendously if you take more control over your devices. You don’t have to leave your ac on when you’re not at home, for example. You can also invest in some heavy beddings and use them at night. That can help you lower or shut down the heater when going to bed during winter. You need to be strategic with your thermostat placement as well. For example, placing your thermostat on a wall near a hot window may trigger your ac to turn on even when it’s not that hot. This increases unnecessary energy consumption.

5.   Cool Or Heat The Rooms You Are Using Only

Don’t get caught up adapting to extreme weather conditions, and forget to check your guest room and other parts of your house. Many homeowners forget to turn off the heater and ac in these rooms. That’s energy wastage you don’t want. Go around your house and make sure only the rooms you’re using consume your energy.

You don’t need to increase your budget on utility bills to stay comfortable during summer or winter. Use the above tips to lower those bills instead.

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