Can You Sand Concrete with Regular Sandpaper?

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Have you finally decided to sand your concrete countertop or floor? Good choice because sanding concrete gives it a more polished look and can even transform it into looking like more expensive natural stone materials. If you are looking to paint over concrete surfaces, sanding it will provide a smoother surface that is much easier to paint or cover with contact paper, etc. To get you started, let’s discuss topics such as whether using regular sandpaper will get the job done to make this process as easy as possible for you.

Can You Sand Concrete with Regular Sandpaper

If I had a dollar for every time somebody asks me this question, I would have made quite a fortune. Jokes aside, at-home DIY’ers and even beginners who are new to this territory often have this query in mind and make the mistake of using regular sandpaper on concrete only to regret it later. Since concrete is a tough surface, sanding it is not child’s play, but if you do it correctly, it can be significantly less stress-inducing, and you won’t feel the need to pull your hair out every time once you get the hang of it. If you’re planning on sanding concrete manually, it’s very much possible. However, I will warn you that it will be a time-consuming and tedious task; therefore, it is not the ideal method of getting the look you want.

Problems with sanding concrete with regular sandpaper

As established earlier sanding concrete with regular sandpaper can be done, but the time and effort it takes are not worth it. Here are some of the issues that you will face if you decide on using regular sandpaper to prep your concrete surface.

1. Not durable

If you use regular sandpaper on a concrete surface, it’s bound to wear out very quickly. Even if you get the desire results, you will have gone through tons of sandpaper in a matter of minutes, especially if you’re working on a fairly large surface. If you intended to save money by using regular sandpaper, then I hate to break it to you, but because of the times, you will have to switch to new sandpaper, your total cost on the project will increase exponentially.

2. Time Taking

Since the average sandpaper is too thin to be used on a strong and durable surface like concrete, it will take you more time to finish the project and achieve your desired look. It may be less tedious to work with on smaller surfaces, but working on large surfaces will require a lot of patience. The coarser the sandpaper, the better it will perform on concrete. If you think you can use the regular sandpaper with a sander to work on bigger projects to save time, be warned that it will still take you a longer time than normal.

3. Not good for the environment

Not only is the practice of using regular sandpaper time-consuming, expensive but it’s not good for the environment either.
Can You Sand Concrete with Regular Sandpaper - sanding concrete

Alternative Choices

Are you looking for better options that can help you complete your project more effectively and quickly? Here are some choices that can help you achieve the results you want!

1. Diamond Sandpaper

Once you start using the diamond sandpaper, it will be your go-to option whenever sanding concrete is involved. Pair it with a sander, and you are set to make quick progress. This option will result in huge time savings. It is far more durable and thicker than regular sandpaper. Yes, it may be far more expensive, but it is definitely worth the option, especially if you work on large concrete surfaces often.

2. Grinder

You can also invest in a grinder which is far more powerful. Therefore, it’s another great option that can be used on tough surfaces like concrete to save time and effort.


While regular sandpaper is not the optimal choice for sanding concrete as it will be costly, time-consuming, and tedious, investing in options such as diamond sandpaper, grinder, or coarser sandpaper with 400 or higher grit will be a better choice. I hope you found this article helpful in finding the quickest and most effective methods of sanding concrete.

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