How Far Can They Pump Concrete?

Concrete pumping is the process of transportation of the freshly mixed cement from a  container to the desired place where concrete is needed at the construction site. You can use this method where a large amount of concrete is required, usually at greater heights or when other ways of transporting the cement are not possible. To do this, you can use a machine known as concrete pumps.

How Far Can They Pump Concrete

In today’s time, an extensive amount of cement is now possible to transport with the help of concrete pumping over appreciable distances. It proves highly beneficial for locations that are congested or may not be easily accessible by other delivery methods.

Different Ways of Pumping Concrete?

There are three types of concrete pumps which you can use to pump concrete, such as:

●    Boom Pumps

Boom pumps are equipped with hydraulic levers which raise, place, and lift concrete pipes to areas where it is difficult to pour. It provides more flexibility than ground line hydraulic pumps. Boom pumps can go around the lowest and smallest areas to ensure effectiveness and mess-free pours.

●    Ground Line Hydraulic Pumps

This type of concrete pump helps you to transport concrete from a hopper (it is an attachment that makes the concrete transportation controlled and easy) to the desired location. It uses multiple connected hoses and pipes. Ground line hydraulic pumps can shift concrete at 1m every minute. Also, it can extend to a distance of up to 150 meters for reaching the pour site. It helps you to pour concrete into complicated areas. This is because the hoses and pipes can go over, up, and around obstacles.

●    Truck Mounted Pumps

Attach these to concrete delivery vehicles chassis. You can use a truck-mounted pump as a delivery service where there is an easily accessible pour site, so the truck driver can pour and leave once the job has been completed.

How does a Concrete Pump Work?

Use Concrete pumps for transporting liquid concrete from one place to another; they carry wet concrete from the mixer to the pouring site. Once the truck has arrived at its location, you can release the concrete into the hopper. It will keep the batch rotating to keep it fresh. This movement assists the concrete to flow into the pump’s twin-cylinder and pushes the mix via pipes.

How Far Can They Pump Concrete - pouring

How Far Can You Pump Concrete?

According to Luton Machinery – Concrete batching plant supplier, different concrete pumping methods pump at different ranges, such as:

  • Ground line pumps can reach past 150 meters
  • Boom pumps can reach past 72 meters, with extensions if required


Concrete pumping is a clean and quick way to transport a small and large amount of cement; interconnected pipes pushing concrete from one place to another means no spillages. You can do concrete pumping in rain, wind, sun, and snow. To ensure safe delivery in all weather, you have to take proper precautions to ensure that you receive the best pour. You can also connect with us at  to get the job done for you.

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