How to Ensure Your Safety When Getting Your AC Installed and Serviced?

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Summers have arrived and, like always, brought with it a lot of heat and discomfort to us. In this season, the most in-demand electric appliance is Air-conditioners. They give us a sense of relief from this uncomfortable environment. But are you aware that these same comfort-giving products can prove to be fatal if not handled properly?

How to Ensure Your Safety When Getting Your AC Installed and Serviced

Hence it is essential to take care of yourself while installing, operating, and repairing your AC unit as suggested by

Follow the below-given measures while installing an AC unit

  • Choose and decide the location of setting up your AC very wisely. Ensure that there is a complete absence of inflammable gases around your AC. As the gases might become a reason for a very high-intensity accident in the upcoming future. Therefore, it is good to avoid such mishappenings as much as possible using your presence of mind.
  • Mandatorily install an earth leakage breaker as there are high chances of electric shocks and short-circuits while operating the AC in the absence of it.
  • The earth cables must be installed carefully, i.e., they must not conjoin any other gas pipe, telephone cable, or water pipe of your house.
  • Be alert that the drain hose pipe does not contain any little amount of water during the process of installation.

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Follow the below-given measures while operating an AC unit

  • Be very careful about the basic ethics of handling electrical appliances, such as ensuring that your hands are dry while handling the switches.
  • Do not use insecticide sprays around the unit blower as it can catch fire.
  • Never pour any form of liquid inside your AC unit as it can cause severe damage to the insulation and result in electric shock incidents.
  • While cleaning or dusting the AC unit, ensure that the main power supply of the appliance is off. Doing so will reduce the risk of shocks or any such related accident.

How to Ensure Your Safety When Getting Your AC Installed and Serviced - ac installation

Follow the below-given measures while repairing an AC unit

  • Do not take the repairing work of your AC into your own hands. Because even if you succeed in making it work, you might have damaged some critical part of it. Professional Technicians must only carry on repairing works.
  • It would be best if you did not touch any live wires connecting the AC with unsafe or bare hands.
  • The best time for getting your AC repaired is daytime. There is natural light available to operate and find out the defects in the appliance without any need for extra electrical devices such as bulbs or LED. These appliances do emit some form of gas that might be harmful to your AC. Gas recharges must be done outside the house.
  • Keep your children out of the reach of the AC unit. And ensure that they are not around while the repairing work is going on. You must also maintain a safe distance during the process.


Ensuring you’re and your family’s safety is essential during AC installation, repairing, or operating process so that you can only gain benefits of this technology without facing any demerit.

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