Top 5 Best Outdoor LED Flood Lights

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Outdoor events always seem to face inevitable fluctuations, either weather changes or some large complex technicalities. That’s why it has become a significant task to choose suitable quality LED flood lights. The greatest advantage of using such outdoor light fixtures is that you do not need to arrange additional light covers. In popular floodlights, the LED (Light Emitting Diode) floodlights have become the most commonly used option.

Outdoor LED Flood Lights around the pool

You can find many types of outdoor LED flood light fixtures available out there. People usually do not tend to change the outdoor lightings frequently. You should weigh specific considerations like the light material, outdoor environment, length of service life, and the light’s protection grade level for long time use. Because the protection level of IP65 has the capabilities of being dustproof and waterproof. Below is the list of five best outdoor LED floodlights that you may find worth buying:

1. Lepro Outdoor LED Flood Light

This brand provides different kinds of Lepro light bulbs, which also include the Lepro outdoor floodlights. Its floodlights have a power range of 15W to 150W with 360-degree angle adjustability. The 150W LED floodlight to have a brightness output of 15,000 lumens. This equals around 450W MH/HPS. The 200W LED floodlight has an output of 20,000 lumens of brightness that equals 600W MH/HPS. It helps save over 50% of the electricity costs.

You can install the Lepro outdoor LED floodlight either on the ceiling, wall, or ground. These floodlights are made of heat-resistant tempered glass, commercial-grade durable die-cast aluminum casing, and ETL & FCC certified. They have a service life of around 8 years (15,000 hours) and a warranty period of 2 years. They also have an IP65 grade protection level. The Lepro security floodlights have a competitive pricing strategy. The price of a 50W floodlight is $16.00, and that of a 100W is $29.95. You can also find Lepro’s RGB LED floodlight in the market.

2. GLORIOUS-LITE Outdoor 100W LED Flood Light

The 100W outdoor LED floodlight by GLORIOUS-LITE has an output of 1000 lumens brightness. It saves over 80% of electricity as compared to traditional halogen lamps. It is adjustable to an angle of 120-degrees. You can use this floodlight to illuminate indoor and outdoor areas like gardens, decks, front porches, lawn, kitchen, stadiums, etc. It has a protection level of grade IP66 and is FCC-certified. It is made up of thermal dissipation glass and alloy framework. The multi-groove pattern on the lamps helps accelerate heat discharge. This floodlight has cooling features as well as a high-focus mode. It also provides a warranty period of 18 months. GLORIOUS-LITE offers their 100W outdoor LED floodlights at a 2-pack sales price of $53.99 ($27.00 per pack).

3. LEDMO 50W LED Flood Light

LEDMO usually offers fluorescent fixtures in the market. But they also have the best-LED luminaries for you. Their lamps have a flexible frame light along with a metal bracket for attachment purposes. They are lightweight and often trendy in style. They save up to 80% of the electricity costs. They also have an IP65 grade protection level along with CE-certification. They are of modular architecture model with energy saver-system.

Outdoor LED Flood Lights in front of home

4. CINOTON Outdoor 100W LED Flood Light

The 100W CINOTON LED floodlight has an output of 13,000 lumens brightness (130 lumens per Watt). It is replaceable with the incandescent lamps of 1000W. It can save around 90% of the electricity costs. It also has an adjustable mounting set of 180-degrees. They also provide a protection level of IP65 and a service life of up to 50,000 hours. They are available for $89.99.

5. Olafus Outdoor 100W LED Flood Light

The 100W Olafus LED floodlight offers an output of 11,000 lumens brightness (110 lumens per Watt) with a firm adjustable SPCC stand. You can install them on backyards, entryways, parking lots, front yards, sports grounds, etc. They have a protection level of IP66 and a service life of more than 50,000 hours. It has a color temperature range of up to 5000K. They are available at a pack of 2 prices at $69.99 ($35.00 per pack).

Benefits of LED floodlights

Now that we know LED lights are a better option for any lighting type and you can get them in solar version, but what are these floodlights? Well, floodlights are these broad-beamed fixtures that emit high-intensity artificial light. They are commonly used in commercial places such as parking lots, manufacturing plants, open fields, shipyards, exhibition centers, etc.

  • Easy installation: You can install the LED floodlight without any complex technicality by using only two screws.
  • Durable and Resistant: The use of LED floodlights reduces maintenance troubles, saves labor and material costs, and can be used for a long-time
  • No Strobe: It has a no strobes effect due to its high work frequency and does not cause eye fatigue.
  • Saves energy: It is estimated to preserve around 75% energy as compared with ordinary lamps.
  • Environment protection: It is made of solid amalgam, so no pollution to the environment. It is an eco-friendly light source with over a 99% recyclability rate
  • Renders good color: It has a color rendering index higher than 80, which helps illuminate the object’s natural luster.

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