Best RV Rentals Near Fort Worth, Texas

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Texas has sure come a long way since its farming das. As one of the fastest-growing cities in America, it’s unsurprising that Texas is one of the most popular RV destinations in the country. With plenty of vintage dining joints, great sunny weather, scenic destinations, Old-West themed shops and diverse culture, there’s something for everyone.

Best RV Rentals Near Fort Worth

Don’t believe us? Book your ideal motorhome rental in Texas and experience it yourself. You’re bound to have an unforgettable trip that unravels Texas’ rich history and raw beauty. What’s stopping you? Read on more to find out our best destinations.

RV Parks Near Fort Worth

As the 12th-largest city in America, Fort Worth is known for its trademark Texan hospitality and stunning districts full of fun and culture. With the world’s largest honky-tonk, the new Mule Alley, the iconic western Stockyards with a twice-daily cattle drive, and Billy Bob’s Texas, you’re sure to keep busy. Plus, did we mention that there’s a 35-block Sundance Square entertainment district?

Gallagher Acres RV Park

First off, we have the peaceful and calm Gallagher Acres RV Park with its community of adult RV enthusiasts. Only a five-minute drive from Lake Benbrook, Gallagher Acres RV Park is perfect for you to have a peaceful getaway. The park has several facilities and amenities like WiFi, laundry machines, a library, a picnic pavilion, private showers, and so on. Oh and did we mention, Gallagher Acres RV Park is dog friendly too. Leash up your furry friends and have some fun in the sun together!

Fall Creek RV Park

Situated at the Fort Worth Minutemen Campground, the Fall Creek RV Park is a serene getaway destination for campers hoping to escape the chaos and bustle of city life. What’s the point of a road trip if you’re going to be surrounded by noise, anyway? Though it is slightly further away than Fort Worth, it comes with many great amenities. This resort offers full Wi-Fi access, a picnic area, laundry and shower facilities, a grill, a fire pit, and even a common area for campers to gather together. On top of that, Fall Creek RV Park is five minutes away from downtown Granbury, which is home to several shops and restaurants. Not too far down is Lake Granbury, perfect for relaxing walks and fishing!

Cedar Hill State Park

Situated at FM 1382 and on the east shore of Joe Pool Lake, Cedar Hill State Park is only a 10-mile drive from Dallas. Opened in 1991, the park is home to 350 well-equipped campsites, 150 of which have sewer hookups. On top of that, all of these campsites are equipped with quality restrooms, water, and electricity! If you ever get bored of the campsites, you can head over to Joe Pool lake where there are loads of activities to take part in. These include swimming, fishing, kayaking, hiking, cycling, and nature watching. If that is not enough, you may explore the nearby limestone hills and prairie landscapes.

Best RV Rentals Near Fort Worth - fort


With the size of Texas and Fort Worth, there is an endless possibility of activities to take part in. As such, we have created a list that you may find useful!

Trinity Park

Introducing Trinity Park, a beautiful spot where you may hike, bike, picnic, feed ducks, and even appreciate miniature trains. There’s also a number of city attractions nearby, starting with Fort Worth Botanical Garden where you may enjoy the beauty of eco-life, several museums for you to learn about Fort Worth’s history, and the famous Fort Worth Zoo, which is home to 7000 animals.

Fort Worth Nature Center And Refuge

Next on this list, we have the 3621-acres nature park called Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge for you to explore wetlands, forests and go nature watching! There are plenty of trails for you to pick from this huge nature park. You can have a relaxing walk through the boardwalk or you can take the Canyon Ridgetop Walk if you’re up for the challenge. If you want a water trail, there is a trail that takes you from West Fork of Trinity River to Lake Worth where you can enjoy the sight of many types of exciting wildlife! At Hardwicke Interpretive Visitor Center, you can catch a glimpse of a heard of bison while visiting exhibits of local plants, animals, and fossils.

Eagle Mountain Lake

On the northwest border of Fort Worth lies the Eagle Mountain Lake, which is home to several water activities like kayaking, swimming, fishing, wakeboarding, and waterskiing. On top of that, there are five different hiking trails available for you to choose from, depending on the difficulty of each trail. After a long day, you can spend the night at West Bay Marina Campground or Creek Harbor Fish Camp.

Texas Motor Speedway

At Texas Motor Speedway, home to one of the fastest NASCAR circuits and speedway, you can satisfy your adrenaline craving with its one-and-a-half-mile track and 24-degree banks. In addition, with many RV campsites around the vicinity, Texas Motor Speedway won’t be a burden to your itinerary!

Go Back In Time

Take a time machine back to vintage Texas in the historic Old West Fort Worth Stockyards. Covering 98-acres, the 17 attractions in Old West Fort will not disappoint you. Have a stroll on the vintage Texas brick walkways, visit a cattle range, witness the daily work of Texas’ livestock industry, watch rodeos and gunfight shows. You may even dine and wine while watching bull-riding contests, living like a true cowboy of the wild wild west.

Head Back Into Reality

Now, take a trip back to modern time and enjoy the Bell Fort Worth Alliance Air show where you get to enjoy the dazzling aerial display by top-flight pilots manning all types of planes and fighter jets. On top of that, the air show also includes air stunts by experts and also parachuting displays. Nothing’s more American-like than a display of the strength of the country’s air forces.


All in all, there’s always something to do in Texas. Whether it’s the nature parks and greenery, the barren never-ending deserts, or even the rich historical cities. You’re not going home disappointed, that’s for sure! Regardless of whether you’re local or a tourist, we encourage you to take a trip down to the iconic Wild Wild West. My final tip to you is, to embrace the culture and the historical throwback as you will not get this true taste of vintage America anywhere else!

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