The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Laundry Service

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Every week, we receive dozens of emails from customers who are moving into new homes and need to source a laundry service such as this laundromat in Melbourne. To help these customers make the right decision, we’ve put together a full guide to choosing a laundry service that is both comprehensive and helpful. The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Laundry Service has guidelines at various price points that take into account the size of your apartment, how much you’re willing to spend, and other factors.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Laundry Service

We have also included some info on the types of services offered, as well as what to look for when checking out a laundry service. This guide will help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing a laundry service.

Pick Up and Delivery Services

The whole point of hiring a laundry service is to reduce your workload and save time for more productive activities. If you have to take your laundry to the laundromat and go back to collect it, you won’t be relieved of all that work. The best laundry service should be able to offer its clients pick up and delivery services right at their doorsteps.


The time that a laundry service will take to do your laundry should be a top concern. Nobody would want to turn down a client meeting or dinner date just because their laundry is being cleaned. A reliable laundry service should be able to offer the shortest turnaround time, preferably same-day or next-day service.

Price vs Quality

Wondering about what is the best and affordable laundry service near me?The cost of hiring a laundry service may vary depending on who you’re hiring. But even if affordability is an important consideration, you have to also consider the quality of the laundry services offered. A laundry service with a good reputation and offers pickup and delivery services to its customers will most likely charge a higher price.

Policy on Loss or Damages

Despite their best efforts, laundry service providers are not always able to prevent all accidents. But you should always expect that your laundry will come back as clean as if you did it yourself. While issues are often rare with reputable laundry services, you should be most concerned about how a service provider will respond in case your laundry is lost or an accident that ruins your garments occurs.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Laundry Service - washing

Cleaning Methods Used

According to the experts from Fabulously Clean House Cleaning, a professional laundromat will use the best and safest methods to clean different types of fabrics. The workers should be able to determine of a garment should be dry cleaned or if its better off laundered. Some services only specialize in dry cleaning, so if you hire them to do fabrics that should not be dry cleaned, you won’t get the best results. Choosing a service that employs the best and safest cleaning methods will ensure that your clothes are protected from damages like shrinking and color bleeding.

Type of Equipment Used

The laundry service you hire should use the right type of equipment for the different types of cleaning services including dry cleaning, steaming, mending, ironing, pressing, and folding equipment. Nowadays, modern professional laundry services providers use the latest equipment to provide safe, effective, and sustainable laundry services. Also, they use the safest and most effective cleaning agents to prevent damaging their customers’ clothes. If you’re trying to find the best modern and professional Laundromat in Melbourne, it should offer a timely, effective, convenient, high-quality, and safe service. 

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