Travel Anywhere And At Anytime

Whether you are an avid traveler or a bit tight on cash while traveling with your family, an RV can solve all your problems. You can travel whenever you want and wherever. You will save money on hotel rooms and be able to explore more places. You can park anywhere to brew a good cup of coffee and cook a nice meal. It brings a sense of adventure for everyone. You can even take your pet along.

RV Care and Maintenance Tips From the Pros

However, all this is possible only if you take good care and maintain your RV properly. Failing to do so can have bad repercussions as your RV can stop in the middle of nowhere and you will have to wait for a longer time for help. Always make sure to have GPS tracking and a portable phone line available so you can reach out if there is an emergency. These are pro tips to help you maintain your RV and keep your investment safe.

RV Inspection

An RV inspection should be done, especially if you are buying a used one. An article on the tiny living website mentions that there are three types of inspection, one should be done before you purchase the RV, and the others are mandatory state and camper inspections. Apart from these, once you have bought your RV you should inspect it every three months by yourself. Look for any leaks in the roof and use a sealant that is compatible with the material of your RV roof. A leak can occur due to open seams in the vents, and air conditioning units. If this is not detected early, then there can be extensive water damage eventually.

Checking The Wheels And Tires

This should be done before every trip you take on your RV. Tighten the RV’s wheel and check the tire pressure. Every precaution you take will ensure that you are safe when driving on the road. If the lug nuts are loose then it can be dangerous as you can lose the wheel control. The lug nut usually can become loose while the RV is in storage or even while you are driving. You should also check your RV’s tire pressure regularly. Overinflated tires can explore and damage the RV as well as lead to serious accidents. Underinflated tires on the other hand are also dangerous and create problems as you will not be able to control the vehicle.

RV Care and Maintenance Tips From the Pros - RV

Keep The Brakes Well -Maintained

Just like in any vehicle, the brakes of your RV are very important. Failing to maintain the brakes on your RV can lead to serious problems even if you are following all the road rules. Make sure to maintain the wheel bearing and keep them nicely lubricated. The material on the brake should be in good condition so that it is working properly and not too worn out. This ensures that you are traveling safely at any point of the day on different terrains.

Change The Oil

As the RV tends to sit a lot, you will need to do oil changes on a seasonal basis. This is done so that everything is well lubricated and is working to its best ability. You should change the oil of your RV every year as otherwise it will go through extensive wear and tear when it is moving. It will also consume more fuel and end up needing expensive service or repairs.

When you are thorough with your maintenance of the RV, you can enjoy it for a long time to come.