5 Best Camper Bathroom Tips

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A new camper’s life includes making several changes in their day-to-day living by minimizing their space and compromising on certain luxuries that they enjoyed before downsizing their home to a camper truck. People have to adjust to many things when they get a camper truck, and one of the most popular concerns in the bathroom. Camping enthusiasts and RV dwellers know that they cannot have a full bathroom and don’t particularly mind outdoor bathrooms.

Camper bathroom

However, newbies may have some trouble adjusting, so here are the five best camper bathroom tips to make this process easier for you.

1. Consider a Pop-Up Camper with a Bathroom

As you may already be aware, most pop-up campers are not equipped with an in-house bathroom as you would have in an RV. However, there are some luxurious campers that come with not just an in-built bathroom but also air conditioning and other perks that make the transition easier. You can consider these pop-up campers with bathrooms, so you don’t need an outdoor bathroom set up.

2. Built-in Camper Toilet Alternatives

If your camper does not have an in-house bathroom, there are alternative options that will make your camping experience better. Following are three toilets that you can use in a camper.

A Cassette Toilet

This is the closest you can get to a regular toilet in a camper. Most in-built bathrooms in RVs have toilets that use a gravity flush with a large waste tank. However, this toilet is better suited for a camper because it has a smaller and removable waste tank, which can be easily cleaned. You will need a permanent black water tank in your camper truck for this because it is not portable.

A Portable Toilet

This is perhaps the best kind of camper toilet one can use. This is because it is not only affordable but also quite convenient. Portable toilets are very easy to use, reusable, and easy to clean, as well. The best part is that the portable features do not take away from the authenticity, so you still feel like you are using a regular toilet. Moreover, it does not require a permanent black water tank to be installed, making it perfect for pop-up campers.

Composting Toilet

These toilets are not like regular gravity flush toilets because they have two tanks for solids and liquids, respectively. The best thing about this toilet is that the separate tanks reduce odor and discard the waste into a composting bin. These toilets are also environmentally friendly because they do not use any chemicals for drainage. However, they are more expensive to purchase and install. They also require electricity and a ventilation fan to work, incurring maintenance and other costs as well.

Luxury camper shower

3. How to Maintain a Camper Bathroom

It can be quite difficult to have a toilet in a compact space like an RV or camper. There are all kinds of problems, like bad odor and clogging. There are some tips that will help you keep your camper bathroom clean:

Using the right chemicals for cleaning

There are special bathroom cleaning chemicals specially made for cleaning RV toilets, breaking down toilet paper waste, and combating bad odors.

Using the right toilet paper

Because camper bathrooms often use toilets that do not have a gravity flush and barely have space for a waste bin, there are extra-dissolvable toilet papers for camper bathrooms. It is advisable to use these special toilet papers to avoid clogging.

Empty out the tank frequently

It is essential that you dump the waste in your waste tank regularly to avoid odor, staining, and damage to the tank. However, be careful not to leave the valve open because it will flood your bathroom with toilet waste.

Follow the correct flush protocols

It is important to turn off the vent in your bathroom before flushing because the open vent sucks in the toilet fumes and odors. Closing the vent will help you avoid this issue and have your camper bathroom smelling clean.

4. How to Upgrade a Camper Bathroom

Do not shy away from a camper bathroom makeover when required. As we have learned that RV bathrooms, no matter how small, can be difficult to maintain. In case you were not aware of the correct care for camper bathrooms, your current bathroom may need a revamp. This can be your chance to play around with different designs, toilets, shower combos, and other DIY methods to save money.

5.  Camper Bathroom Accessories

Since a camper is a very small space, it is important to use it wisely. You need to utilize every single nook and cranny for shelves and storage so the camper does not look cluttered. You can use the bathroom space in your camper for storage units as well. You can also try some excellent DIY organizing projects to make your usage of space more practical.

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