Unique Roofing Projects to Add Curb Appeal

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A roof can be so much more than a roof for a home.  Yes, it provides protection from the weather and elements, and it helps to keep us cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  However, there is so much more that a roof can provide. There are many different things you can do to a roof that adds that extra special something.  Added curb appeal to a building through roofing can have a huge payoff. 

Unique Roofing Projects to Add Curb Appeal

Read on to see what roofing projects hit home the most!

Cedar Roofs

Wooden roofs can provide a classic, modern, and clean look to almost any home.  For example, a cedar roof can provide style and color.  Roofing can come in a variety of shades of reds, yellows, and browns.  This option provides a variety of options. Wooden roofs can also withstand the elements quite well.  The wood can have a natural aspect that provides a slight level of protection, but through processes at a factory or manufacturer, extra levels of protection can be provided.  This includes weather resistance, mold resistance, and even protection from some insects. Cedar roofs give a home a special and unique look.  Whether you want the roof to have clean, smooth lines or if they would rather a more rustic, rugged style, cedar roofs can provide what you’re looking for.  Cedar roofs can also change shade over time, giving it extra appeal over time.

Cool Roofs

Cool roofs may sound like something from the future, however, they are definitely part of the here and now.  Cool roofs are an energy-efficient option.  Cool roofs have a pretty appropriate name – they allow a house to stay cooler through the design of special materials like paint or reflective tiles because they reflect more light than absorb it.  When the roof can stay cooler, that means that all parts of the house can stay cooler and the life of the roof can also be extended.  This is because the roof does not absorb heat as other roofs do.  Because of this, the strain on the roof beans is much less. Cool roofs are great for places that get very hot.  Opting for a cool roof allows the home’s interior cooling system to work less.  Less strain on a cooling system means less money spent on electricity.  This allows for money to be saved on cooling costs.

Modern Metal Roofs

In the 21st century, it is time to get away from thinking a metal roof is simply a tin roof on a shack.  The modern metal roof is so much more and adds a huge curb appeal to a building.  If a building is located in an area with a wide variety of weather, a modern metal roof may be the way to go. Metals such as aluminum, galvanized steel, or copper can all be used for modern roofs.  However, where someone lives may determine which type of metal roofing can and cannot be used.  For example, those in a wet, salty seawater area should reconsider using galvanized steel, because the salt can erode the roofing material. Many times when a person thinks of metal roofing, long strips of shiny metal come to mind.  However, metal roofs can come in a variety of styles and colors, as well.  Metal roofing can also come in shingles, which is a lesser-known fact.  This allows for easier flexibility and easier installation.

Unique Roofing Projects to Add Curb Appeal - metal roof

Rubber Roofs

Another unique modern roofing option is made of rubber.  Rubber roofs have many advantages including cost and longevity.  These roofs can last a long time because the rubber is typically laid in large pieces, if not one whole piece.  This means fewer chances of leaks and other potential issues that can be a cause of concern. Rubber roofing also has a green value to it.  These types of roofs can typically be made from recycled materials.  In addition, these materials require fewer resources to manufacture than standard roofing options.  These roofs tend to be fire resistant and can slow fires; this could mean additional homeowner’s insurance savings by choosing this type of roof. Wanting a rubber roof is great for adding curb appeal, however, it does come in limited colors.  Originally, rubber roofs only came in black, however, certain manufacturers are starting to branch out into other lighter options.  Rubber roofing provides a special level of curb appeal because it also adds an eco-friendly backstory.

Green Roofs

Green roofs are exactly what the name implies – a roof filled with greenery such as grass or other vegetation.  Green roofs are an excellent option for someone who wants a home that shows an extra level of eco-friendliness.  Done correctly, green roofs can be used on both modern and historical structures and in rural and urban settings alike. This type of roof can provide stormwater runoff relief because the greenery can absorb some of the water from rain or other precipitation. Standard roofing would simply repel this water which could cause issues elsewhere away from the roof.  A green roof can also provide an improvement in air quality, especially in urban areas.  The vegetation on the roof can do its natural job to clean the air breathed by humans

Find the Best Option

No matter where you live or the budget you may have, a unique roof can be in the cards for you.  Simply remember to consider not only the budget but other things such as climate and weather, style, and eco-friendliness.  Choosing a cool roof in an area that has a cooler climate would not be an economical choice. Making changes to a roof does not mean just changing shingle colors anymore.  You can get innovative and make a statement with roofing choices.  You can expand well beyond what is considered standard; get creative and add the unique curb appeal you are looking for.  Take some time, do some research, and give your home the roof it was meant to have.

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