Roofing Types and How to Choose the Right Color for Your Home

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Roofing Types and How to Choose the Right Color for Your Home

The roof is one of the most important components in your home. Your roof protects your family from harsh weather conditions and other elements that might cause harm and diseases. While most homeowners pay attention to the type of roof their home should have, not all of them think so much about the roof color. They believe that they can choose any color as long as it complements the overall theme of their home or their preference. This is a big misconception. Choosing the color of your roof is just as important as selecting the type of roof your home should have. Generally, the color of your roof impacts the internal temperature of your home.

Aside from its importance, your roof is also one of the most expensive investments you’ll have for your home. You’ll have to pay for the materials, labor, and installation. The total cost can even go up if you have a large home since you’ll be paying per square meter. To ensure that you’ll be making the most of what you’re paying, carefully choose the color of your roof by paying attention to the following factors:

The climate of your location

The color of your roof shingles dictates the temperature of your attic and other rooms below your roof. As this temperature changes, so will your heating and cooling costs. If you want to avoid paying for expensive utility bills by choosing the right roof color, consider the climate of your location. If you’re living in a state or country that has a hot climate, opt to use light shingles as this can deflect sunlight, keeping the temperature down inside your home. On the other hand, if you’re living in a cold climate, using dark shingles is a more appropriate choice. Dark shingles can absorb the heat of the sun and can keep your home warm. Ice and snow can also melt faster when you have dark shingles.

The color coordination

The last thing you want to see in your property is a roof that doesn’t complement the overall color, aesthetics, or theme of your roof. Not only will this become an eyesore, but this can also affect the value of your home over time. The solution? Pick a roof color that matches your home. If your home is painted in blue or gray, look for a black or dray gray roof. If you own a cream- or tan-colored home, choose brown shingles or a mixture of brown and cream. Homes with green, red, or yellow colors can be best accented with a black, brown, or gray roof.

The architectural style

Along with the colors of your home, you should also think about the architectural style of your home when choosing a roof color. A dark-colored roof can make your home look smaller, while a light-colored one can make your home look bigger.

The statement you want to make 

Different homeowners will have different preferences on how they want their homes to look like. If you want your home to stand out from the neighborhood, pick an unusual color combination for your roof. You can even pick one that contrasts your home’s monotonous color scheme to add a pop of color. But if you don’t want to attract too much attention, choose a roof color that complements your home. You can also opt to have a roof color in cream or brown hues for a more traditional look.

roofing types and how to choose the right color for your home - clay shingles

The neighborhood 

Depending on where you’re living, subdivision rules or regulations might limit your roof color options. Make sure to ask the right individuals or organizations about this matter. You don’t want to install a red-colored roof and have it removed because you didn’t know it was prohibited, right? Being in this kind of situation will entail additional cost from your pocket, not to mention the stress you have to experience.

The availability of colors in your area 

All of your plans to have a blue or green roof will never become a reality if these colors aren’t available in your area. Once you already have a roof color in mind, inquire from local roofing contractors about its availability. For example, if you’re living in Frisco, Frisco Roofers is a good choice. Ask about the availability of your preferred roof colors. Doing this allows you to look for other options if ever your first choice isn’t available. They might even provide better roof color options that are suitable for the climate and your needs and budget.

Color Is Important

Contrary to popular belief, aesthetics shouldn’t be the only factor you should consider when choosing your roof color. You should also pay attention to other important details as these can significantly affect the environment inside your home. Once you’ve determined what color you want your roof to have, immediately call for roof contractors in your area. Their professional services can guarantee that you’ll be able to have a good and reliable roof over your head!

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