Roof Replacement Guide

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Roof replacement is one of the major home repairs for any home and property owner. Most people rarely give their roof a second thought until they begin to experience problems. A leaking roof usually damages the insulation and the ceiling materials inside the home before the leak is noticed.

Roof Replacement Guide

That escalates the cost of the roof replacement because you then have to repair the roof, replace the damaged insulation, treat to stop the growth of mildew and mold, and replace the ceiling materials. Once the ceiling materials are replaced you will have to paint and do the interior touches.

Is Roof Replacement Necessary?

The biggest question you have to ask yourself is whether a total roof replacement is necessary. There are many roof repairs that can be done instead of a total replacement, but you have to make certain of what the problem is, and what types of repairs are needed.

Call a Professional

The first thing that you have to do is call a professional and make certain what damages your roof has and how those damages can be addressed. Most installation experts will come out and do an assessment at no charge. It will behoove you to get more than one professional to look at the damages. When you get more than one expert to look at the problem you then will discover that they charge different amounts and they might recommend different repairs. For this reason, getting 3 estimates will help you see if more of the experts suggest one type of repair over another. To find a reputable contractor such as Terrazas-Roofing, you should ask friends, family, and associates for recommendations. If someone has worked for your friend or family then you can get a first-hand report of their work and how well their work is lasting.

Make sure the professional is bonded

You want to make sure that anyone you hire to do major repairs on your home is someone who is bonded and insured. If you hire someone who is not bonded and insured and they damage your home then you have to pay for the repairs. If they are bonded and insured their bond will cover the reparation cost for anything they might damage. Get references from the contractors you talk to. You also want to check them out through the Better Business Bureau to ascertain if they have had complaints filed against them in the past and how they responded to any complaints that were filed. Any company can get a complaint filed by a disgruntled customer, how the company chooses to respond to those accusations shows you the integrity of the company.

Roof Replacement Guide - replacing the roof

What Type of Roof do you have?

The materials the roof is constructed out of will make a big difference in the cost of the replacement or repairs. You may also want to change roofing materials and replace your outdated roof with a different material for looks or strength.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are very popular. These materials are more expensive to buy initially but they last longer, they are stronger, and they do a better job of protecting your home. The metals used to create these roofs come in different colors and styles. You can get metal that mimics the look of other materials like shingles. Metal roofs are great for fire retardation. If an ember from an outdoor flame land on a shingle roof there is a chance that the roof will catch fire. If the same ember lands on the metal roof there is very little chance that the roof will catch on fire.


Shingle roofs have been popular for many years. The shingles used on these roofs are rated to be effective for 35+ years and they come in a wide range of prices so the majority of people can find a shingle they can afford. Shingles are not all the same. They are made from different materials, in different thicknesses, so their prices vary. The different materials and thicknesses also determine how long the shingle will be effective before it is going to need to be replaced. Asphalt composition shingles are the most popular shingles. They are flat, they are less likely to catch fire, and they come in different colors and prices.

Wooden shingles are beautiful but they are not as durable as the asphalt composition. The wooden shingles are easy to catch on fire, and wood degrades and deteriorates, especially when it is exposed to outdoor elements of heat, wind, rain, and cold.

Slate Roofing

Slate roofing is a very attractive roofing. It is also a very expensive roofing option. This type of roofing is difficult to install and when damages do occur to the pieces it is costly to get the repairs done. Composition slate is an alternative to actual slate. The composition slate is made from recycled materials so they are friendlier to the environment. They look like slate but they may be composed of old tires and other items that would have sat in the landfill for many years.

How the replacement is done

There are different methods of replacing the roof on a building. The contractor can remove the old materials entirely and then put new materials in place. They can also put the new materials in place on top of the existing materials. This is often done when a shingle roof is being replaced. Shingles are hard to remove so the removal process is expensive. Many contractors will offer to simply place a new layer of shingles over an existing layer. This practice is often able to stop any roof leaks but it may also cause problems

The second layer of shingles adds additional weight to the roof. This can compromise the beams and rafters of the home and if you live in an area prone to snow the entire roof can collapse under the weight when snow is piled on top of the already heavy shingles. When you put a new layer over an old one the contractor also does not get to inspect the deck boards of the structure for rot or weakness. This can leave your home vulnerable to termite infestations, mold, and other damages.

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