Roof Repair Vs Replacement: Which One Is Better?

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Owning a home is one of the most amazing things in the world, however, it mustn’t be forgotten that it’s also a huge responsibility. Just like with everything else, prevention is the key if you want to make sure your house looks great and your wallet isn’t empty. Certainly, the biggest protector of everything we own is the roof. It protects us from wind, rain, snow, sun, and many other things. Without it, our house would quickly deteriorate. That’s why you have to ensure your roof is always in good condition.

Roof Repair Vs Replacement

Luckily, they were designed to last for many, many years, however, it definitely doesn’t mean forever, right? So how will you know whether you need to fix or replace your roof? It all depends on a couple of factors and below, we’ll tell you more about it!

Which Do You Need?

Roof Replacement VS Roof Repair

People are often confused about it. Even though both of these actions will contribute to home improvement and will restore the roofing system there are still some major differences between them. If your roof has experienced some serious damages, such as huge gaps, mold growth, soggy or missing shingles, major leaks, it means that you should opt for roof replacement. On the other hand, if your roof has only minor damages and one layer of shingles, then the repair will be enough.

What Does Roof Repair Involve?

For those of you who don’t know, a roof restoration is usually a much more affordable and faster solution when compared with a roof replacement and if this confuses you, you can learn more with where they’ll provide you with every useful info you need. Now, usually, when you need a roof repair, roofing contractors will put a brand-new shingle overlay above any battered shingles.

This will not only enhance the appearance of the roof but will also add an additional protective layer to it to avoid any potential leaks. Furthermore, if you have only one layer of roof shingles, then you should definitely opt for reroofing. On the other hand, if that’s not the case and you have two layers of shingles then the only option worth considering is a full roof replacement. Other factors that can dismiss reroofing are the pitch of the roof and roof materials. Moreover, roof repair is also not recommendable if you are dealing with some serious water damage, missing or soggy shingles. Bear always in mind that roof repair isn’t as long-lasting as roof replacement.

Roof Repair Vs Replacement - roof

What Else Needs To Be Known?

What About Roof Replacement?

The answer to this question depends on various factors, which you should carefully consider if you’re having doubts about it. Of course, we cannot stress enough how crucial it is to consult a roofing expert before you make any decisions regarding your roof. Below, we will list common reasons to replace your roof. They include:

A.   Water Damage or moisture:

If you notice any signs of water damage or moisture inside your house, such as mold, brown spots on the ceiling, peeling paint, then it’s definitely the perfect time to replace an entire roof.

B.   Age:

Is your roof older than five years, plus you’re experiencing leaking? If the answer is yes, then you’re most likely dealing with poor installation, or potentially a drawback when it comes to materials that have been used. On the other hand, if your roof is much older (over twenty years), plus it has a few issues, then it is highly likely its “life” has come to an end and you need to replace it.

C.   A Recent Disaster:

If the area you live in has recently dealt with weather-related disasters, such as a tornado, strong storm, or hurricane then your roof has probably suffered serious damage and now you simply have to replace it. Remember, that at times even a harsh winter can severely damage the roof.

D.   Materials:

If you have a seventy-year-old slate roof then it’s not yet time to give up on it. It will be able to protect your house for a while longer. On the other hand, if we’re talking about a metal roof then that may not be the case. Namely, asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material because they are cost-effective and very appealing. Furthermore, the latest generation of asphalt shingles are extremely durable and can last up to fifty years, of course, if you properly take care of it.

This article has tried to do its best to provide you with some useful information regarding roof repair and roof replacement. Now, if you’re still unsure about it, make sure to call a local roofing company to determine what is currently the best option for you.

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