4 Signs Your Roof Needs Repair

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Although it takes up a considerable portion of the entire house, many homeowners tend to overlook the roof. As long as a tree didn’t fall on it or a raging storm didn’t peel it open, you might think your roof is fine and in good condition.

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However, even if you can’t see any evident damage, you shouldn’t neglect roof care. Lack of proper maintenance would eventually lead to roof damage that requires costly repairs. You can, however, mitigate the cost of expensive repairs by knowing the early indications of a damaged roof. Below are the four signs you must look out for:

1. Leaks

In every home, the roof is considered the first line of defense against harsh weather conditions. When the roof gets damaged, every part of your house will also be exposed. Strong storms, for example, can cause a lot of damage to your roof. But if your area has to deal with hail multiple times in a year, your roof might need hail damage repair every now and then.

A leaking roof is every homeowner’s nightmare. Aside from roof repair, you might also have to deal with water damage, mold, and health issues that may arise because of it. Most of the time, you’ll only notice that your roof is leaking when it’s raining. But you can check leaks for yourself if you have the right equipment. If you have a ladder and hose that can reach the rooftop, you can try to go up and start hosing down every part of your roof. If some water is dripping in unusual parts of the house, then your roof is already leaking. Of course, it’s best to have professionals do this for safety purposes.

2. Loose Shingles

With so many roofing types available in the market, you’re likely to find one that tickles your fancy. Roof shingles could be one of them. If you didn’t know, roof shingles somewhat resemble tiles since their individual materials overlap each piece. Therefore, they’re arranged from the bottom to the top edge of the roof. Many homeowners choose this roofing material because it’s designed to repel elements, such as water, snow, and ice. But be that as it may, that doesn’t mean they’re resistant to wear and tear. The effectiveness of this material depends on its design. However, in addition to harsh weather, poor installation can cause the shingles to come loose. When this occurs, it would be highly risky for anyone to walk underneath it, particularly after a strong wind gust passes through.

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3. Sagging Ceiling

Although pooling water is already a telltale sign of a damaged roof, there’s another way you can identify roof damage. A sagging ceiling can be one of the indications that your roof needs to be fixed immediately. If any portion slopes downward, it means that water has accumulated there. Additionally, water stains or dents in the ceiling may indicate roof problems. You and your family may potentially be at risk from a sagging ceiling. It’s because water that builds up in the ceiling could weigh it down and cause it to collapse. You wouldn’t want to deal with the ensuing substantial and costly repairs. Therefore, getting your roof fixed can help prevent this problem from occurring.

4. Inconsistent Indoor Temperature

Installing a heating system is a homeowner’s top priority as soon as they obtain a house. After all, it plays a significant role in everyone’s comfort indoors. Whether you want to stay warm or cool, all you need to do is to make the necessary adjustments to the thermostat. Now, you can stay comfortable while breathing clean air.

But even though your heating system is consistently distributing air throughout the entire house, you might be having an issue if the temperature in your home suddenly fluctuates. If that happens, either your heating system is having issues, or the roof has sustained damage. Evidently, not everyone carries a piece of infrared equipment that they may use to locate where air from the outside is coming in. But by observing which room in your home has a different temperature, you might be able to pinpoint the specific area of the damage. On the other hand, you might employ a professional to carry out this task using their tools.


Your roof typically receives less attention than other areas of your house since it’s less visible. It’s vital to remember that problems with your roof, if left untreated, could endanger your family in addition to causing damage to your home. Therefore, you should always be aware of the signs that your roof needs repair because it helps you prevent any problems from getting worse and enables you to maintain your roof for a longer period.

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