How to Choose the Right Wheel for Your Bench Grinder

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Having a bench grinder in your workshop is one of the tools that can save you a fortune. A beach grinder keeps your other tools in top-notch working conditions without you having to replace the blades and spending quite a lot of money. This tool not only sharpens your blades, but it also ensures security, as a sharp blade is usually a lot safer than a dull one, making your work a lot easier, as the cutting is faster and more precise. The question is: How do you choose the right wheels for your bench grinder?

How to Choose the Right Wheel for Your Bench Grinder

Bench wheels come in many different forms, sizes, and materials.  But, choosing the right wheel is important because the correct wheel will get the job done the first time around, whereas a wrong wheel can damage your tools and lead to expensive replacements as well as safety hazards. It’s important that you look at reviews to figure out the details that you need to know, thanks to the people at NineBest, the uses of grinder wheels are thoroughly explained to help you pick the one most suitable for the tasks you use. According to the job you need to do, the right wheel could be one of the following:

Straight wheel

The straight wheel is the most commonly used for most jobs. If you walk into a store and ask for a grinder wheel without specifying a type, you will most probably receive a straight wheel. This type of wheel produces a concave surface, which makes it useful for sharpening everyday tools such as chisels. If you’re looking for a wheel to be used for surface grinding, then the straight wheel is for you. However, it is worth noting that they can also be used for centerless and cylindrical grinding.

Tapered wheel

As clear from its name, this wheel is tapered towards the edge and can be used for fragile work. If you’re looking for a tool to grind threads or gear teeth, then a tapered wheel would be your best bet, as it can get into the groves and small areas.

How to Choose the Right Wheel for Your Bench Grinder - air grinder

Saucer  wheel

If a wheel that will be able to sharpen a large number of saw blades is what you’re after, then you should consider investing in a saucer wheel. Anyone who’s worked with saw blades will tell you that an unsharpened blade is very difficult to use and that’s why a saucer wheel is essential if you’re inclined to using saw blades for your work regularly.

Cylinder wheel

A cylinder wheel is used for a larger grinding surface than the one provided by the horizontal wheels. According to the size of your wheel, the tool can be used either vertically or horizontally as it is hollow. That’s why a larger size allows the wheel to be used horizontally as well. The other advantage of using a cylinder wheel is that if a sheet of metal needs to be grounded all at once, it is possible to purchase a wheel that goes all the way up to 12 inches, making the task at hand feasible.

Diamond wheel

Diamond wheels make it possible to be used on really hard material. This is because they are covered with small pieces of diamond on the edge and are able to cut pretty much any material no matter how hard it is.

Using the right tool for the work you tend to do regularly can help not only save a lot of time, but can also prevent many accidents and safety hazards. That’s why it is essential to do your research, consider the jobs your wheel will be used for and don’t take the safety issues for granted. Where safety is concerned, you should always be super cautious and ensure you’re using the right tools.

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