How to select the right curtains for your interior design?

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The power to transform the feel and the look of rooms lies within the curtains. Many designers worldwide agree that it is the curtains that complete the appeal of a room. As much as curtains are considered to be the “angels” of the room, they must be carefully-chosen to best complement your interior decor. You don’t have to be a designer to make your rooms elegant.

How to select the right curtain for your interior design

You can simply read through the following tips from and for sure, your eyes and sight will be pleased.

Consider design and style

Before deciding to buy a new pair of curtains, keep your focus sharp for the ultimate style you are aiming for. In this modern age, you don’t have to struggle in finding curtains which complement your furnishings and

interior décor. Decide whether you need a traditional or modern touch to your home.

For a modern look or a chic look, eyelet designs might work the best. Eyelet designs give more of an informal appearance and can only be used with poles. Alternatively, you can go for a traditional look. For this kind of appearance, pencil pleat curtains work the best. However, if you’re after more complex decors such as french interior design, finding the right pair will require precise matching and a lot of patience. They can be used either on a pole or a curtain track. Furthermore, these kinds of curtains are available in different colors to complement different decors and furnishings.

A clever idea from Urbaboxx is to use two pairs of curtains – one for the hot sunny days, and a pair for the dark and gloomy winter. Another dash of nature-friendly advice from the experts of Greenhouse Sensation is consider a bit of outdoor improvements, such as installing bird feeder cups or a nest box. This way you might enjoy a bit of extra company to your window during spring, summer, and fall.

Nourish color and creativity

The power of color in interior design can never be underestimated. For your room to looks stunning and beautiful, the correct colours must be in place. You might buy expensive curtains only to find out that they make your room terrible just because the color and texture does not blend in.

Seamless blending into the background makes a bold statement about your style and fashion.  When it comes to color creativity, you do not have to stick to the book! Play around with different colors and find which one fits and blends with your décor.

You can also buy complementary designs to echo the effect of the curtains in the room. Such complementary designs include blended cushions and artistic work, such as painting, sculptures, wall installations and more.

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Mind your fabrics

While choosing curtains for your rooms, you need to pay attention to the particular fabric. This is important because the fabric normally dictates the functionality of the curtains as well as how they will hold up over a given timeframe. Also, you can choose between fabrics with various features like soundproof fabric. People often ask do soundproof curtains work? We tested some of them and if you buy high quality curtains they do an amazing job. Many designers agree with this statement, “if the curtains are too light, they may not fall well;  when they are too heavy, then they might not fold crisply when drawn”.

How to select curtains for your interior design - ambesonne curtains

You are advised to normally work with big samples since smaller pieces might not reveal the fabric’s true behavior. The effect of sunlight on fabric cannot be overlooked. Sunlight fades the fabrics over time and the bright colors are affected the most, not to mention that you might have to fight back pain if you hang up and down tester curtains until you find the right one to fit your home.

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Size and lining

The length of your curtains depends on the look that you want your room to have. If you want to a have a sense of height added to the room, you can mount the hanging panels higher than the upper window frame. If you want a more dramatic look like in classic french apartments, hang them even higher! Measure the height from the top of the window (add some more inches to allow for an allowance for hanging the curtains) to the floor.

You can have your curtains slightly puddle on the floor to give a more traditional look. For a modern look, have the panel fall flush with the floor to give a crispy glance. Choosing the best sewing machine and of course, the right types of fabrics, makes sure that the linings are properly in place and the stitches are of high quality.

Custom versus Off-the-Shelf Treatments

If you need more benefits and options, then go for customized curtains. Here you have a say on each aspect that you need in your curtains. This, however, comes with extra cost but it is totally worth it. If you cannot afford the customized designs, you can alternatively go for off-the-shelf high-quality curtains. You will, however, be limited to specific templates that are already made. At this point, a professional opinion might be useful before purchasing the curtains.

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Type of washing

This might seem to be a non-issue when it comes to choosing the right pair. However, the type of washing that the curtains are subjected to determines their lifespan. It is important that you determine whether you need to purchase dry-clean only or washer machine friendly curtains. This, of course, depends on the type of washing you have or can afford. According to consumer reports, high-quality curtains can be ruined by subjecting them to the wrong washing!


You do not have to be stressed and puzzled while choosing the curtains for your rooms. There are both online and offline consultants that are more than willing to share their advice with you but of course at some cost. The local designers can give you reliable and applicable advice since they can even pay you a visit to see your house. Tradesmen like curtain experts at Fantastic Handyman Fitters offer the option to answer your question or you could also reach us and ask

You can also consult online designers via their social media channels and pages for advice and insight. This is cheaper but the results might not be as impressive as shown in the video or blog. Before even consulting, make sure that you have a rough idea of what you want. The advice works best if used as a supplement!

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Final remarks

A simple room can look extremely stunning when the correct curtains are used. They don’t have to be expensive, just make sure they are right! Your imagination of how you want your rooms to look like is what forms the primary basis for choosing the right curtains. Use the advice and extra knowledge to actualize your imagination!

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