All You Need To Know About A Resin Driveway 

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Although the resin driveway is relatively new in the British market, it is fast becoming a favourite among many. It’s surface is smooth, long lasting and easy to maintain. A resin bound driveway includes stones and resin which makes it immune to cracks. However, the second type of resin driveway is the resin bonded. It’s drainage is not as good as resin bound although it requires less maintenance than the latter. Due to its inability to drain, the water allows moss growth which can damage the entire driveway. In terms of cost however, the resin bonded driveway is cheaper than the resin bound.

All You Need To Know About A Resin Driveway 

The general belief about resin driveways is that they are expensive although that is not the case. It is affordable and budget friendly without compromising quality. Resin driveways are also best installed by professionals. Resin Driveway Newcastle is a good place to find experts that would help you install a quality driveway. 


The resin material is a good choice for your driveway especially because it lasts for as long as 25 years if properly maintained. With this type of driveway, you need not worry about your driveway softening in winter or freezing in winter. Also, this driveway does not fade even in sunlight. In all weather conditions, resin driveways keep their initial look for a long period of time.  Also, resin is light in colour which allows it to have little change in colour when installed. Apart from being one of the strongest materials in the market, resin is also your best option if you love for your Driveway to retain its initial colour. 

Low Maintenance 

Resin requires little effort in terms of maintenance and rejuvenation. Some other materials might require constant fixing because of cracks or replacement, however, with resin all you need to do is sweep constantly. There is no special process regarding maintenance because it retains colour and requires no deweeding. 


This material is a smooth one that guarantees safety and ease of access. With resin, your tyres do not experience any wear or tear because of its smoothness. Unlike stones and gravel, resin makes it easy for users of wheelchairs to easily access the house because there is no bumpiness. Also, the resin bound driveway is known for its remarkable drainage which allows water to drain through the surface. This is what makes it a good choice even in winter. 

All You Need To Know About A Resin Driveway - resin driveway

Natural Filtration 

Resin bound uses a natural filtration system that removes pollutants and impurities from the surface. Also, it seeps in water by reducing the chances of flash flooding or a run off. In addition, it is SuDS (Sustainable urban Drainage System) compliant. This helps in managing the risk of flooding in the area. Among other materials, resin puts your driveway in the right condition in winter because it drains its own water. 

No “Heat Island” Effect

This material allows the soil underneath it to breathe. Resin does not store up heat like concrete material, rather it reduces the surface temperature and makes it cool even in summer. This feature sets it apart from many other types of material. 

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