When Should I Replace My Old Windows?

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Your home windows can show signs of wear and tear, especially if you haven’t replaced them in a long time. Some indicators of old windows are having difficulty opening or closing your windows, condensation gets trapped between the panes of glass, or the borders of your windows are chipping or have cracks. Some homeowners even feel their windows need replacement because they are out of style. If you are local to South Florida, finding Windows in Miami is easy and hassle-free, with plenty of designs to choose from.

When Should I Replace My Old Windows

If you notice the signs of aging windows, it’s recommended to contact a windows replacement company to replace your existing windows with new ones. With a brand new set of windows, you will be enhancing the appearance of your home while getting a crystal clear view of your backyard, your front yard, the pool area, and everything in between. Not only will new windows enhance the appearance of your home, but they will also increase its value in the market if you decide to sell it one day.

Here are five signs that your windows need to be replaced:

Cracked Windowpane/Frame

Some windows can have a broken or damaged frame and should be repaired. A window that is damaged and showing signs of old age is not visually appealing. Also, if there are cracks near the frame, that presents ample opportunity for small insects and other pests to enter your home, which is something no homeowner wants unless they want to wake up with flies or mosquitoes in their bedroom.

Foggy Glass

In double or triple-paned windows, condensation can get trapped in between, usually caused by an opening or a barely noticeable hole. As a result, fog in windows blur the view and make it almost impossible to see what is outside. Another reason windows fog up is when the temperature inside a home falls below the outside temperature, which is when moisture condensation can build up. This is normal, but it helps to examine your windows from any potential leaks bringing in outside air.

Soft Frames

Window frames are made out of various materials, and if you have wooden frames, excess moisture can potentially cause the windowsill to rot on the exterior side. Upon touching the wooden sill, if it’s soft to the touch, that is a strong indication that the entire window and the frame need to be replaced.

When Should I Replace My Old Windows - replacing window

Difficult to Open

Opening your windows should not take a lot of effort to open or close; it should be a pleasant experience that lets in the fresh air and sun rays. But if you have to put in more effort in opening or closing your windows than you usually do, it is time to consider a replacement set. Constantly opening and closing your window creates small grooves and divots that can cause cracks to form on its frame.

Drafty Rooms

Ideally, windows should be air-tight when they are closed and shouldn’t let air in, but if you feel a small breeze or draft getting into your home even with all your windows shut, it could mean there are openings. In cases such as these, a window repair service may resolve the issue, but if it’s severe enough, a window replacement may be necessary. If you’ve decided to replace your windows then you may consider art deco windows and update your home design in the process.

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