Everything You Need to Know about the Art Deco Style – and the Windows That Made It

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Almost everyone has heard of the Art Deco style, and although you may have a vague idea of what it is, it’s an architectural style that is distinct and has made its mark. Although the Art Deco style isn’t for everyone, some love it – and it can be seen everywhere, from the doors to the colours to the façade of a house or building – and even to the windows. It’s more of a movement rather than a style, and it became popular during the middle of the 1920s all the way to the 1940s. Art Deco is characterised by repetitive geometric styles and patterns, and if you grew up during this period, chances are, your home had some Art Deco influences.

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But the style of Art Deco is most apparent in the windows of a property – as a matter of fact, an easy way to spot Art Deco is to see it in a property’s windows. But what distinguishes the Art Deco style from other notable styles? Here’s everything you need to know about the Art Deco style – and the windows that make it unique.

Intricate details

Art Deco windows are, as mentioned, characterised by their repeated geometric styles and patterns. But another characteristic of Art Deco is the intricacy of its details, particularly with the window grilles. Instead of installing windows for ventilation and light, the window grilles were inspired by stained glass patterns. This pattern gave texture to the light coming in through the pane, and there were patterns of light with the grilles that were attractive and unique.

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Geometric characteristics

Perhaps Art Deco is most known for its geometric characteristics, which are most notable in the windows in an Art Deco home. The style of the windows is often blocky and rectangular or circular, and windows of this style are also often tall. In addition, art Deco windows are usually made up of window panels arranged in a repeated pattern through a building’s one side, which would generate a pattern of grilles that is still widely seen today, particularly in commercial buildings.

Creative and unique motifs

In addition to having a distinctive pattern, intricate details, and textures, Art Deco windows would often have complex designs built into the window’s grilles. Sometimes, the designs were just patterns that gave the light coming in some added texture, but, more often than not, there would be a unique motif worked into the window’s pattern as well. With this, the owners could make their windows look more cohesive, especially since the windows let a little natural light in and are not good for air and ventilation per se.

Whilst Art Deco is a style that has seen its best days decades ago, some elements of Art Deco are still in use today in this modernist era. A foremost example of such is the grille and geometric styles and patterns that can still be seen in many doors and windows nowadays, and it only goes to show how strong a movement and style it was.

If you have a home with Art Deco elements – particularly when it comes to the windows – and you would like to have the windows restored or replaced properly, it is best to speak to the experts who will know just how to deal with it.

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