How to Easily Repair All the Locks in Your House

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Door locks, like other pieces of equipment, are bound to malfunction with time. If you feel that one of your door locks is not working, it is probably broken and needs to be fixed or replaced. You can find several DIY lock repairing tutorials on the Internet. However, a major concern among homeowners is that their DIY repair attempt might make the problem worse.

How to Easily Repair All the Locks in Your House

So how do you determine if you should call a professional locksmith or go at it on your own? If you are good with your hands, there are some simple lock repairs that you can manage on your own. However, if you are simply clueless about how to proceed with a faulty door lock, the safest bet would be to get assistance from a professional locksmith to do the job for you. However, if you are still adamant about doing the repair work yourself, here we have a list of some common lock problems and how to go about fixing them.

Jammed Door Lock

Can you recall yourself ever trying to turn a door lock with its key using all your strength, but the lock would not budge? We are sure that you have had to deal with a jammed door lock several times in the past. It is one of the most common yet frustrating lock problems out there. So what is the best way to deal with a jammed door lock?

A jammed door lock is usually due to the buildup of dirt and dust inside the lock. To sort this issue, spray compressed air into the keyhole to clear out the accumulated debris. Then lubricate the inside of the keyhole with penetrating oil to smoothen out the interior surface. If you are based in the UK and ever find yourself locked out, then you may want to visit, because they offer highly professional locksmiths available at your doorstep within a matter of minutes. Most importantly, they are available 24/7, so if you have an emergency, you know where to go.

Frozen Door Lock

It is fairly common for door locks to freeze up during the winter season. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to resolve this issue on your own. Here are two simple tips to fix a frozen lock:

  1. Warm the key using hot water or your car’s radiator and insert it into the frozen keyhole to melt the ice.
  2. Use a hairdryer with a high heat setting to melt the ice inside the keyhole.

If that does not work, it may be time to call a good locksmith to get the job done effectively and professionally.

How to Easily Repair All the Locks in Your House - fixing lock

Broken Key Inside the Lock

This usually happens when you forcefully turn the key inside a faulty lock. Once the key breaks down inside the lock, there is no other option but to disassemble the lock and remove the broken key piece. You can use gripping pliers to pull the key straight out. If this does not work, insert a coping saw blade into the keyhole and drag the broken key piece out of the socket. As this procedure involves the use of sharp tools, we advise you to be extra careful when handling them.

A faulty or broken door lock can compromise your home security by making your property more vulnerable to intruders. While installing a new lock may seem like a straightforward task, you should note that some lock malfunctions will inevitably require the assistance of a locksmith. In such instances, the logical step is to seek the services of a professional instead of risking your home’s security.

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