Do you know that Americans spend about 30 minutes in the toilet every day? If you’re planning an event, this startling figure should get you prioritizing a toilet. Having a porta-potty in your event can be a great plus. With the multiple options available, choosing a portable toilet can place you in a dilemma. You need to consider several factors when renting a porta-potty.

What You Need to Know Before Renting a Porta Potty

If you’re having an upcoming outdoor event, you’re in luck. Keep reading to learn what you need to know before renting a porta-potty.

Type of Event

When going for porta-potty rentals, you need to have accurate details of your event. If it’s a wedding, the toilet needs might probably be different from a training workshop. The type of event determines the number of guests, which has an impact on the number of porta-potties you’ll need. It would also help to list the rental duration to determine the time a company will deliver and pick up the porta-potties. Such details will allow a company to give you quote estimates to help you in budgetary allocations.

Types of Porta-Potties

If it’s your first time to rent a portable toilet, you’d probably not give a thought on the type of porta-potty you get. Yet, porta-potty rentals come in different sizes, quality, and amenities. For a small event that is likely to last for a few hours, the porta-potties are often basic.

The standard porta-potties are amongst the cheapest categories of portable toilets hired for most events. They are usually a single unit with no sink or flushing capability. As such, the rental company has to be available for cleaning now and then.

The luxury restroom trailers have running water for sink use and flushing. These types of porta-potties bring an aura of class to an event. They are bigger and have elements such as a urinal and mirror.

You can find out more about the type of portable potties for your different events from a local porta-potty rental company. The nature of the event will give you insights when renting a porta-potty.

A Company’s Response Time

Imagine having your rented porta-potty blocking while the event is still ongoing. Well, you’d hope the rental company will be on-site in a few minutes. The last thing you want to have is a chaotic event due to sanitation issues.

Before renting a porta-potty, you need to be sure about the company’s availability. An event might take place in the evening, weekends, or even in the most remote areas. Your service provider should assure you that the team will be there in the shortest time possible if a problem arises. Get the customer service number that will be on throughout the day. You can evaluate a company’s response time before hiring portable toilets. If your call or email goes unanswered for days, that’s already a red flag that should prompt you to look for an alternative company.

What You Need to Know Before Renting a Porta Potty - porta potty

Cost of Renting a Porta-Potty

The global market size for portable toilet rentals is projected to reach $24.70 billion in the next five years. More people are embracing the porta-potties based on proper sanitation and hygiene concerns. It is important to inquire more about the cost of renting a porta potty as companies have different quotes. Once you identify some of the companies renting porta-potties, ask for quotes to compare the charges. You’ll have to provide details of your event to get accurate quotes. You need to make inquiries on what the cost includes to avoid frustrations during the event.

Work With a Local Porta-Potty Rental

If you searched on Google ‘rent a porta-potty near me,’ you’ll have several options of local porta-potties service providers. Local providers are the best deal if you want efficiency. They are familiar with the area and are less likely to experience hitches when delivering portable toilets. More importantly, local providers understand the municipal requirements in your region. You don’t have to worry about conflicting with the law. Besides, you can be sure of saving costs with your local porta-potty provider as the transportation charges will be lower. The timely delivery of a portable toilet is crucial for any event. When you get a reliable local provider, you’ll rest easy knowing that the porta-potty will be up before the event starts.

Equipment Management

The thought of using a porta-potty in an event is chilling for most people. If you don’t get a company that’s keen on equipment management, the toilet will be a dreaded place to visit. A poorly kept portable toilet can make everyone cringe. You need to hire enough porta-potties to ensure that it meets all your guests’ toilet needs. The portable toilets can be overwhelmed if the usage is more than what it can hold. You might also want to assess the toilets to avoid renting faulty porta-potties. A porta-potty company should provide things like hand sanitizer and tissue to promote maximum hygiene. With such measures, your guests will feel confident walking in the washrooms.

Work With a Reputable Company

There’s no better way to know more about a company than checking reviews. Most customers leave reviews to show their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a company. Once you have a list of providers near you, check reviews to know the extent of their professionalism. Google and Facebook are a great place to start. After listing service providers with commendable reviews, go a step further and vet them individually. Reviews shouldn’t be the only basis of choosing one porta-potty rental company over the other.

Renting A Porta-Potty for Your Event Is Indispensable

When renting a porta-potty, you need to consider several factors. Hiring a porta-potty blindly can make your event chaotic. You need to work with a reliable service provider to ensure that you get well-maintained portable toilets. With the right information, getting porta-potties for your event shouldn’t be overwhelming. The basic guidelines will smoothen the process besides enabling you to get the best deal. Resultantly, you’ll feel confident directing your guests to the clean, and well-maintained toilets. Keep exploring our site for informative business articles.