How to Clean and Maintain a Porta Potty

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When permanent restroom facilities are not accessible, such as at a festival, a construction site, or any outdoor gathering, portable toilets are an absolute need. As well as ensuring the lifespan of the tools themselves, the health and safety of users depend on their cleanliness and upkeep.

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Clean the inside

The first thing to do while cleaning a porta toilet is to empty the holding tank and flush the bowl with a lot of clean water. Any feces or solid waste that may be present will be easier to flush away. Next, flush it with a cleaning solution made for portable toilets. Enzymes are often used in the production of these solutions because of their ability to decompose trash and neutralize smells. After liberally spraying the solution within the bowl and holding tank, the surfaces may be scrubbed clean with a brush.

Clean the outside

Porta potties become filthy from usage and weather, therefore it’s important to clean the outside of them on a regular basis. Scrub away filth and other buildup using a gentle detergent and a scrub brush. A stronger cleaning solution or pressure washer may be required for stubborn stains. Once the exterior has been cleaned, it should be rinsed with fresh water and allowed to dry before being stored or prepared for use.

Check for damage

Inspecting a porta toilet on a regular basis can allow you to catch any faults before they become disastrous. Check the toilet’s tank and bowl for leaks, chips, and other damage. The tank and bowl seals should be inspected for tightness and leaks as well. Check the ventilation system and make sure the door locks tightly.

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Repair damage (if you find any)

If there is any sign of damage, it must be repaired without delay to avoid future deterioration and significant health risks. It is common practice to use a sealant or patch to repair any minor holes or leaks. It may be necessary to replace the unit, however, if the damage is severe or if it is exhibiting obvious symptoms of age.

Perform regular upkeep

  • Clean the toilet bowl and holding tank regularly (at least once a week).
  • Be sure the outside of the unit is always neat and free of trash.
  • Perform routine checks for signs of wear and tear, and fix any faults as soon as possible.
  • Never attempt to clean a portable toilet with any product not designed for that purpose.
  • When the device is not in use, put it somewhere dry and cool.


Although cleaning and maintaining portable toilets isn’t exactly high on most people’s lists of fun things to do, it is essential to ensure the safety of users and the durability of the equipment. You can keep your portable toilet spotless and in excellent operating order by following the advice in this article. The need for expensive repairs may be avoided with routine checks, cleanings, and maintenance. Also, keep in mind the importance of a risk-free and clean setting for everyone.

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