How To Remove A Fireplace Mantel

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Your fireplace mantel can be a significant area of attraction in your home environment. You may take advantage of this exclusive area of your house to display the artwork and family photographs you love the most. Most architectures will instill the fireplace as a focal point to draw your visitors’ attention towards the materials mounted on the mantel. But it may be time to say goodbye or farewell to the fireplace mantel? Why? Well, that is your business. You may be ready to change the general look of your house. If som then it is the right time to have a second view about the fireplace mantel. You may decide to replace your mantel with the latest version you saw in your favorite Home Magazine.

How To Remove A Fireplace Mantel

The removal process greatly depends on the type of mantel. You know that the traditional mantel shelf is firmly attached to the wall and is supported with corbel braces. On the other hand, a modern knockdown mantel is anchored by columns on either side. Here’s how to remove each of the two fireplace mantels:

Shelf Mantel Removal

Please follow this six-step process if you want to remove a shelf mantel.

Step 1

Is your shelf mantel installed with corbel braces? These are the extensively decorated supports of the mantel. Start by removing them.

Step 2

Use a cold chisel and a masonry hammer to chip off all the masonry surrounding the corbels. You may insert the tip of your pry bar on the rare part of the corbels. Loosen the corbels with a gentle pry and remove them.

Step 3

Use a drill driver to remove the screws (wooden corbels) or a socket and ratchet to remove bolts.

Step 4

Loosen the mantel by pushing it upward and rocking it up and down, then use a rubber mallet to bump from the lower end.

Step 5

Insert a pry bar on the rare end of the mantel to pry it off. Remove the connecting board screwed on the wall (the ledger) if it won’t come off.

Step 6

Pry the mantel off the wall, then remove the screws inside the ledger.

How To Remove A Fireplace Mantel - stone mantel

The Knockdown Mantel

This is the easiest to remove. This 4-step process will come in handy any time you want to do away with your knockdown mantel.

Step 1

Drive the tip of your chisel right behind the prominent moldings, then pry them off to expose all the screws and remove them.

Step 2

Remove the plaster around the vertical legs using a chisel. Also, check if there are screws and use a drill driver to remove them. You may use a socket and a ratchet if the legs are bolted on.

Step 3

Check for cracks and gaps in the region behind the mantel and insert the tip of your pry bar, then pry from one end to loosen the mantel. Repeat the same process for the next side of the mantel.

Step 4

Carefully pry the mantel off the wall. Ensure that you have an assistant to help you hold the mantel and prevent it from falling forward. Tilt the mantel down and away from the wall when you are sure that it is sufficiently loosened.

These are the comprehensive steps to removing it. Sure, you can do it yourself but if you feel like you need help, remember that professionals are always there to take care of the job for you. It can be stressful to do it by yourself, but you may also live for the challenge. Whatever the case may be, remember to be safe throughout the process!

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