How to Start Remodeling Your Bathroom

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No matter how you think of it, undertaking a bathroom remodeling project by yourself isn’t one of those minor tasks. If anything, it requires a lot of dedication and of course patience. So before you even think of waking up one morning and start tearing apart that beautiful flooring, you better equip yourself with all the necessary information as to what the whole procedure includes. And since the bathroom is considered one of the most import rooms in a home, it’s better to ensure your DIY comes out perfectly.
How to Start Remodeling Your Bathroom

We compiled the following list of essential remodeling steps to guide you through the journey. Read on!

Have A Design In Mind And Within Your Budget

This should be the very first step in any remodeling project. Having a clear budget in mind will determine the type of bathroom design you will choose, the materials you will use and of course the number of items/ fixtures that you can comfortably replace. The same also applies to the various color schemes you wish to use, maximizing on the available space and recognizing the strategic placement of various utilities.

Get Your Equipment Ready

Now that you have a clear picture of how you want your bathroom to look, it’s time to assemble all the necessary tools and supplies that you will require for the task ahead. And although there is no ultimate correct or wrong list of equipment, most renovations require safety measures to protect both your hands and body from the hard work and of course spills. So from this point of view, you will probably require quality gloves, drills, knives, safety mask, a tape measure, extension cord, etc. Remember to conduct a thorough research on what you will need so that you have everything in place. This will ease your work.

How to start remodeling your bathroom - beautiful bathroom

Demolish The existing Fixtures

Well, for some people this is one of the hardest parts. But no matter how much you’re attached to your space, you have to do it. Ensure both the bathtub and toilet are well drained to avoid spills. If you have a bathtub, then it’s time to cover it up as you get rid of the surrounding floor. Ensure the removal creates sufficient space for a proper plumbing system for your new best shower base design. From here, carefully remove other fixtures. This includes the mirrors, cabinets, vanities, etc.

Fix Your New Installation

Here you should begin by installing the shower system then swiftly moving to other fixtures. You can make necessary adjustments where possible and ensure they perfectly fit into their proper space. Afterward, lay-down the new flooring, paint the wall and get the toilet on its rightful place.

Add Some Trim

This is the last step in any awesome bathroom remodeling project. Start with areas around the toilet, bathtub and finish with the vanity and mirrors. By now your bathroom should be looking gorgeous and your work has finally paid off!

In Conclusion

A bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home. Therefore, when you plan for a DIY remodel, ensure you have all the necessary steps in the palm of your hands. Start by figuring everything within your budget before getting the necessary tools. You can then proceed to demolish the present fixtures, carry on new installations and finish up with some trim work. Ensure to give yourself a well-deserving bathtub soaking treat after all this!

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