Is Remodeling a Bathroom Worth It?

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A person may stand in their bathroom, assessing its quality. Perhaps there are cracked tiles or a dripping tap. The water pressure may be low and the drain may regularly become clogged. Perhaps there is limited floor space because of the layout. In addition to such physical issues, there can also be the aesthetic issues. The decor may now be very dated, including the carpets, faucets or cabinet handles.

Is Remodeling a Bathroom Worth It

In such a situation a person has two choices: to either tackle the jobs one at a time or to have the whole room renovated. The remodeling process can be both disruptive and expensive, so is it even worth considering? Let’s find out now.

Yes, If It Is Done Competently

Some people are very practical and a ‘jack of all trades.’ They may have both the skills and experience required to tackle a bathroom renovation. Having said that, it’s also important that the individual has sufficient time to complete the task. Family members may become discontent if the work drags on unfinished. When the water is turned off there will be no capacity for bathing or using the toilet. Needless to say, this stage should be as short as possible. Most people have neither the skills nor the time, and therefore seek professional help online. When the public looks for a local bathroom renovation expert they will want to see photos of the contractor’s previous work, and to read how their clients rated it. They will be interested to know how long the company has been in existence, and whether they can request a quote over the internet.

Yes, If It Will Help You Psychologically

This sounds like a strange reason to remodel a bathroom. Having said that, no one wants to be greeted by a dingy bathroom first thing in the morning. It can generate such negative thoughts as, ‘My house is old and out of date. Everything is broken or marked, and needs replacement’. That won’t create great emotions on a daily basis. According to NAR people experience a 9.6 (out of 10) satisfaction rating when they view their renovated bathrooms, whether they or a professional have done it. Let’s face it, it’s more relaxing sitting in a bath when the room looks modern and tidy.

Yes, If You Can Afford It

Anyone who underbudgets for the task may regret having their bathroom upgraded. It’s not worth exchanging a dated bathroom for financial debt, either. It’s always wisest to get a full quote produced by a professional, and to raise the money in advance. It may be that adding the cost to a mortgage is cheaper than taking out a personal loan, for example. Seek financial advice upfront if you have any such concerns.

Is Remodeling a Bathroom Worth It - amazing bathroom

Some people install an ensuite bathroom into their bedroom. Others add an  additional bathroom to the house. In these cases, the main bathroom can stay functional throughout. This means that there is no hurry to complete the work, and it can be progressed whenever there is money for it. Interestingly, it’s not worth saying, ‘I only have a small bathroom, so it won’t cost much’. If you compare a 50 feet square bathroom with a 150 feet square bathroom, one is a third the size of the other. Remarkably the cost will be only 25% cheaper to renovate. This is because both rooms will require similar things: plumbers, fitters, electricians and appliances, and may take similar amounts of time to complete.

Yes, If You Want To Add Value To Your House

There’s no point extending a house or remodeling a bathroom if you plan on moving in a year’s time. If you plan to remain for three or more years, however, it may be well worth considering. Surveys of bathroom renovations have revealed that in many cases people were able to recoup over half of their expenses on selling. People spend large amounts of time in their kitchens and bathrooms on a daily basis. This is why these two rooms are the most influential in affecting the selling price of a home.

Yes, If You Want Lots Of Simultaneous Improvements

They could be anything from space maximization and extra storage to more modern decor. A person may want environmentally-friendly appliances that save water, or improved plumbing or electricity in the room. Whilst bathroom remodeling is not the right choice for everyone, there are multitudes who would benefit from it. The room would look better and make you feel better. Anything that contributes to a happy home is well worth considering.

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