Plumbing Issues: When It’s Time to Call a Pro

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In any household, the plumbing system dictates comfort and convenience in many ways. However, plumbing hiccups are also common in many homes. From blocked toilets to clogged drains, leaking faucets, and everything in between, these issues can cause a nightmare of frustration. Depending on the magnitude of the problem, some of these issues can be fixed by DIY. But some repairs call for professional hands. It is important to know when to call an expert when having plumbing issues.

Plumbing Issues When It's Time to Call a Pro

Here are some situations where you ought to call a pro when facing plumbing issues.

1. Inexplicable Plumbing Leaks 

Leaking pipes are one of the most annoying plumbing issues. Especially when burst pipes are involved, plumbing leaks can be quite costly to repair, and sometimes it can be difficult to tell where all that water is coming from. Apart from leading to spikes in your water bills, they could also cause flooding, leading to water damage on your property.

This is why when you experience such an issue, it is always best to talk to an experienced plumber. In a recent piece titled “Plumber call out fees explained”, the folks at COC educate property owners on the various reasons you could need an emergency plumber and how much you would need to pay. Working with an experienced plumber is the best way to ensure a lasting solution to the problem while preventing future unnecessary costs.

2. Dripping Faucets 

Dripping faucets are common, and while little DIY work can get them up and running, some situations require you to call a professional to do the rest for you. When it continues to drip even after you have tried all you can, then it’s time for you to call a plumbing professional. In most cases, the faucet washer could be damaged, or it has become stiff over time. It is possible to replace the faucet yourself, but you can easily miss the required alignment. This is more likely if you lack the right skills and tools to make the necessary repairs. Get a pro to do the work for you. It is easier and won’t attract any extra costs you are likely to incur if you chose the DIY path.

Plumbing Issues When It's Time to Call a Pro - repairing faucet

3. Low Pressure in Your System

This is another common headache that many homeowners dread. The showers take too long, and you have trouble washing your dishes. With low water pressure, you cannot get the most out of your plumbing system. The main causes of low pressure are partial closure of either the shut-off valve or the water valve meter. Also, it could be that your pressure regulator needs changing because either it is too old or is becoming faulty with time. In this case, you have no way to fix the issue by yourself. You, therefore, need to get the services of a professional. The problem might even be more complicated than you were imagining.

Whenever you notice the above issues with your plumbing system, your comfort and convenience are at stake. Your safety could even be threatened. The best you can do is to call a professional plumber to provide a permanent solution to the problem.

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