What to Consider While Reloading Ammunition

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If it’s your first time reloading ammunition, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. People often shy away from reloading ammunition because they find it tedious and complicated. However, once you get into reloading ammunition you will find it fun.

What to Consider While Reloading Ammunition

Reloading your own ammunition is a hobby in itself. In fact, it’s a great hobby to pick up if you want to know more about firearms and ammunition.

Use the Correct Reloading Equipment

First and foremost, you can’t reload ammunition if you don’t have the right equipment. While some equipment can be expensive, the following are worth it in the long run and are usually durable to last a lifetime of use.

  • Reloading press: this equipment is a must-have. It shortens the whole reloading process and makes it less tedious for you. You can do a lot of restructuring using the reloading press.
  • Case cleaner: used brass cartridges are generally dirty. You want them cleaned up before you start reloading them.
  • Reloading dies: aids the reloading press with reloading ammunition like seating and crimping.
  • Powder measure: a powder measure makes dispensing easier. If you manually do it, the process can take a long time. Combine that with a powder scale to make sure the amount dispensed is correct.
  • Calipers: used for measuring the length of the cartridge accurately.
  • Reloading manual: this will be your main source of information on how to properly reload ammunition. Always complete the steps correctly.

There are other pieces of equipment you can add for reloading ammunition. These are the essential ones that you will find really useful during the reloading process.

Learn Proper Reloading Steps

It is important that you study reloading ammunition first before actually doing it. If you don’t do it properly, it can cause some accidents and damage to your firearms. In order to avoid such situations, you should first learn how to do it. Reloading manuals are easily accessible. You can buy them in gun stores or they are often handed out on the internet. Reloading ammunition is different depending on the caliber or what gun the ammo is used for. Therefore, you can’t use the same reloading process in different calibers. It’s also recommended to take an NRA Reloading Course near you. It’s a safer bet if you’re not confident with your self-learning skills.

What to Consider While Reloading Ammunition - ammunition

Pay Close Attention

It is important that all your attention should be on the whole process of reloading ammunition. A mistake can be fatal in some specific processes. You are dealing with measurements and casing so it’s important you get it accurately. One of the steps you should have your full attention to is when the powder is going into the cases. You want to avoid squib rounds that can cause damage to your barrel or blow it up. Also, avoid double charges in cases since it may also lead to the gun blowing up.

Use Proper Storage

It’s also important that your equipment and components are secured when you are not using them. Some components will work differently if they are subjected to extreme heat, cold, and humidity. Therefore, it’s essential that you store your valuable components safely and securely. Make sure they are not exposed to extreme temperatures and humidity. While a reloading press doesn’t get rust easily, it’s still better to store them so you can use them longer.


These are just some of the things you have to consider when reloading ammunition. It is important that you follow the reloading process accurately in order to avoid any firearm malfunctions. Once you get the hang of it, reloading ammunition is a fun and enjoyable hobby to do.

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    Thank you for bringing up the idea of using a case cleaner before reloading ammunition. Used brass cartridges are typically unclean, as you pointed out, therefore you should clean them before reloading. I’ll make sure to let my sister know about this because she has a gun. I’ll also look into trustworthy shops that can help her obtain one.

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