Why regular inspection of appliances is important

Electrical and gas appliances in our homes and buildings are prone to wear and tear, just like any other machine. Statistics show that electrical wiring issues and faulty appliances cause the majority of fires in homes and buildings. In fact, in the past few years, injuries and casualties related to gas leaks and electrical shocks etc. have increased exponentially. As such, the awareness for the maintenance of homes and appliances has also increased as well.

Why regular inspection of appliances is important

People have now begun to recognize that their safety is the most important thing and should always be prioritized. Companies such as Hexo Electrical Testing have started providing vital services such as electrical wire testing, appliance testing, and general home electricity tests as well. All of these are conducted by trained professionals with years of experiences and multiple certifications as well. It is not news that regular maintenance and inspection of an appliance is essential, but a lot of people do not know why this is as important as it is. In the UK for example, there is PAT testing that is mandated for appliances in workplaces to ensure the safety of workers. Here are some reasons why regular inspection of appliances is important:

Faulty wiring

Wiring does not necessarily have to be an issue related to a household appliance, but more often than not, tests reveal that faulty wiring and circuits impact appliances the most. This not only damages the appliances quite a bit, but it also increases the chances of serious issues such as electrocution which can be potentially life-threatening as well.

Electrical fluctuations

In different areas, certain voltage fluctuations or electricity fluctuations may result in more damage and wear on appliances. This may also impact the wiring of the device itself, as well as the wiring in the house in general.

Why regular inspection of appliances is important - dishwasher

Electrical fluctuations in major appliances such as refrigerators and freezers, or microwaves etc. may result in the machines completely deteriorating as well. In more dangerous situations, machines may break down while they are being used, and may catch on fire or spark as well.

Gas leaks

A significant concern that is related to machines and appliances not being regularly monitored and checked is that some gas-run appliances such as water heaters or stoves etc. may have minor or major gas leaks that are initially unnoticeable but may become life-threatening. Gas leaks can result in a lot of issues such as fires and gas inhalation that may be fatal.

Unfortunately, even though the awareness to maintain and regularly check the appliances in your homes has increased, there are still a lot of people that prefer to this themselves. While DIY projects are great, you must hire a licensed professional to inspect the appliances in your home and buildings regularly. This is especially true for office buildings that have large printers or heating machines etc. that are continuously being used. Always remember that safety must be your most important priority.

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