5 Quick Ways to Refresh your Bathroom 

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When we think of refreshing our bathrooms, we think of renovation, ripping out the shower, exhausting DIY work etc. However, there are a number of ways you can quickly spruce up your bathroom without having to get a team of builders and plumbers in.

5 Quick Ways to Refresh your Bathroom

Try these five quick ways to refresh your bathroom:

Change your Bathmat

First up on the list: change your bathmat. When did you last change your bathmat? Exactly! A bathmat is a quick and easy way you can immediately refresh your bathroom fairly inexpensively. Even better if you get a brightly colored one. Many of us are quite happy to keep using a weathered old bathmat as it does the job. But aside from the functional requirements of a bathmat, there is no reason why your bathmat cannot be aesthetically pleasing too.

Add or Replace your Bathroom Bin

Bathroom bins are another underestimated design element. They’re a great way to add more texture or a pop of color to a small space like a bathroom. Just because the bin’s job is to hold trash, it doesn’t mean it can’t be an appealing addition to the room. Not to mention that a new bathroom bin could also improve any lingering odours too. A good bin to get would ideally be a small but bright bin that makes a tiny but mighty statement in your bathroom.

Use a Grout Pen

The grout lines on your shower wall or bathroom floor can fade over time, making your bathroom look tired and dreary. A grout pen is a simple solution to easily spruce them up. Grout pens don’t clean the grout, but they recolor the grout to restore it to its former brightness. The ink inside the pen is specially formulated to bond to existing grout and reseal the grout line. The best grout pen to get is one that ideally matches your existing grout colour, otherwise, it will take several coats until it looks restored or like new. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to make sure your bathroom grout lines are clean and dry first before using a grout pen.

5 Quick Ways to Refresh your Bathroom - plant

Get a Bright Shower Curtain

As well as the bathmat, shower curtains are another element that people do not change that often. Over time shower curtains fade and lose colour making them quite old and tired looking. Shower curtains are incredibly cheap these days and so if you would like to transform your bathroom, replacing your shower curtain is a no brainer.

Get a Plant

I know that you may be thinking that you probably don’t have enough space for a plant in your bathroom but there are a number of very small plants out there that are more than suitable. Adding a plant to any small space can improve air quality and give the room a natural feel as well. The biggest things to consider when adding a plant to your bathroom are lighting and humidity. How many windows does your bathroom have? Does your bathroom dry quickly or stay humid? A perfect plant for any bathroom would be an Aloe Plant. They are super low maintenance and all they need is sunlight (whether direct or indirect). They also look very interesting and can be used to soothe sunburns!

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