How to Refresh the Home Interior and Not Drain Your Wallet?

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Refreshing your interior every few years is a must: not only is it necessary because you need to replace and repair your furniture, but it is also important to keep your home feeling fresh and comfortable. Sadly, it is quite costly, which is what dissuades many homeowners from regularly refreshing their home and keeping its design up to date.

How to Refresh the Home Interior and Not Drain Your Wallet

So what’s the answer? How can you reduce the costs when refreshing and redesigning your home? Well, this is exactly the reason why we’ve written this article. By reading it, you’ll learn quite a few tips to reduce your costs and stay within the desired budget.

#1 Look Into the Cost of Painting and Repairing the Furniture Before Deciding on Replacing Them

One of the major ways you can experience cost overruns when refreshing your home is when you go overboard with overspending on the pieces of furniture in the home. The major problem happens when people opt to completely replace when it comes time to refresh their home. But, why? People usually give two answers:

  • It is broken in part or in whole: well, can you repair it? How much does it cost? You don’t need to replace every furniture that has the slightest deficiency, do you? This is really important to keep in mind, as the cost of repairs will often be less than a fraction of totally replacing the furniture.
  • It doesn’t jibe well with the new interior design: can you alter the piece of furniture to better accommodate the new design? You can apply a new coat of paint, you can do some DIY changes, and much more. You aren’t limited in this arena.

#2 Prefer Transformative Actions with Minor Costs to Refreshing Actions with Prohibitive Costs and Minor Transformative Potential

When trying to transform your home and refresh its design, the most important thing for you is likely how much change you see in the design and appearance of your interior. This is the stated goal of most people who want to refresh their home interior. If this is the case, then you obviously want to do things that maximize the impact on the appearance and design of your home and avoid things that don’t. This is why you absolutely need to make a conscious effort to categorize the home refreshing tasks and sort them from those with the highest impact on the design to those with the lowest.

How to Refresh the Home Interior and Not Drain Your Wallet - modern living room

Lighting is an example of a highly impactful change you can make in your home. Getting LED lights and a durable dimmable LED driver has the potential to transform any room in your home. Another example is getting a paint job — its costs are relatively minuscule to the impact they have on the aesthetics of your home.

#3 You Don’t Need to Buy Everything Brand New

Although most of the furniture you’ll buy when refreshing your home is primarily for its style and design, it isn’t the only thing that matters. Typically, when following the latest trends, it is impossible to buy second-hand products because they are generally older designs.

But, if you’re missing some functionalities in your home and want to get equipment/furniture at attractive prices without it destroying your budget, it is a great idea to go with second-hand pieces. This could reduce your costs by anywhere from 30 to 50%, which can have a large impact on the refreshing budget required to get decent results.

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