Top Tips To Reduce The Spread Of Germs In Your Home

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Bacteria are everywhere. In fact, the human body is estimated to have more bacteria present in it than human cells! Fortunately, many of these bacteria are beneficial to humans and the planet. However, some bacteria are not beneficial and cause illness. In serious cases, the illness can be life-threatening.

Top Tips To Reduce The Spread Of Germs In Your Home

That’s why you need to learn how to reduce the spread of germs in your home.

Wash Surfaces

The best first step to reduce the spread of germs is to make sure all surfaces are washed regularly. That’s the countertops where food is prepared, floors, and even handles that are frequently touched by multiple people. You can use hot water and soap to kill germs. It is also possible to use a disinfectant spray but this is more likely to harm you and your family as well, soap and water are effective. Pay particular attention to areas where germs are likely to accumulate. These are the places where people interact the most, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

The Right Tools

It is important to use clean cloths and sponges when washing these surfaces. The germs that you are trying to eliminate can flourish on a damp sponge left in the sink. That’s why the best approach is to use disposable cloths and paper towels. However, this may not be in the best interests of the environment. You can use reusable cloths but you must wash them at a minimum of 60°C after each use. Equally, if you are mopping, use two mops. One is for the detergent, the other for rinsing.

Regular Pest Control

This is one area that many people overlook in their homes. You hope that by keeping your home clean you won’t attract pests. However, it is possible for pests to invade your home and you may not be aware of their presence. Most pests prefer to come out at night when you are asleep. That means they are walking over the areas that you touch and prepare food. Rodents are particularly good at leaving harmful bacteria behind from their paws, allowing the bacteria to spread. By having a reputable firm, such as Fox pest control, inspect your premises and eradicate any pests, you will be minimizing the risk of pests spreading germs around your home. A visit once a year should suffice unless you see an issue.

Top Tips To Reduce The Spread Of Germs In Your Home - cleaning

Pet Control

Don’t forget your beloved pets. They may be delightful and even faithful friends. However, they are also good at carrying germs into your home. You need to keep their food separate from human food, store the pet utensils separately, and make sure you wash your hands after touching them, their food, litter trays, and even their toys. You may be surprised by the number of germs your dog has in its saliva.

Change Your Bins

Your bins are a great place for germs t meet and spread. You can decrease the risk by cleaning them regularly inside and out. It is also a good idea to invest in a pedal bin as you won’t need to touch it with your hands.

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