The Most Important Thing You Should Know When Recycling In The Office

Recycling has been a major ongoing discussion since the 20th century. People have been asking if it is truly effective in helping to better our environment. Programs and policies have been developed and implemented all over the world. In the United Kingdom alone, several strategies have been created to increase the recycling rate as well as cut down waste in the country. Statistics have shown that the recycling rate in the UK last 2018 is 45.0%, which is already a decrease from the 45.5% rate last 2017. This goes to show that certain things have to be improved, in regards to the country’s policies.

The Most Important Thing You Should Know When Recycling In The Office

Putting national strategies aside, we can always approach recycling as individuals. With the information that we can get from credible websites and environmental speakers, we can come up with an appropriate system into our own spaces — and this includes our work offices. This article aims to provide you with information that will help in implementing effective recycling policies into your office spaces, as well as in encouraging your colleagues to do the same.

Why Recycle and How Does It Work? 

It seems like recycling is just additional work, so why do it? It is important to discuss this from the beginning — starting from its purpose. Several sentiments have been raised in the past that if we want to tackle head-on the uncontrollable increase of waste in landfills, we must start with the corporations who have been majorly contributing in the production of plastics and other non-biodegradable materials. However, that discussion is so complicated that we are not even going into that. And, the fact that we cannot do anything about these elite companies, except continue rallying against them, is a sign that we should also look into doing other methods. This is how recycling comes into the picture.

Recycling starts with segregating different waste materials and designating them into their bins. Some of these materials are metal cans, plastics bottles, paper, cardboard, etc. Every country has different policies, including the UK, when it comes to the collection of recycled materials. After being collected, the recycled wastes are then given to manufacturers that will turn them into new functional materials. This way, less rubbishes are being thrown out into landfills, which will eventually contribute to the emissions of greenhouse gases. Either residential or commercial, every establishment and areas in the United Kingdom is mandated to abide on the country’s recycling policies and is encouraged to implement their own program. Sorting out your recycling at home can be very easy but having one in your office space can be much harder as you need other people’s coordination and participation for it to be fully effective.

Recycling in the Office 

Achieving solid recycling solutions for your office can be hard but the key here is to start with something. You have to work on having organized guidelines first, then your co-worker’s cooperation will just have to follow. Aside from recycling, you can also sell unused items and earn cash for unused toner cartridges.

Implement effective recycling policies

In implementing recycling guidelines, it is important to collect fundamental knowledge about it first. Organize a seminar that is all about proper recycling that is mandatory for employees to attend. Invite credible speakers that can talk about it. The information you get from this event can be your guide in creating a formal policy and memorandum about office space recycling. 

Encourage initiative from co-workers

Always encourage the need for co-workers to abide with your new recycling policy. You can make a game or contest out of it as competition can motivate them to stay with the guidelines and even do better. Regular assessments should also be conducted to figure out what is working and what is not and what should be maintained and improved.

The Most Important Thing You Should Know When Recycling In The Office - recycle bins

So, what is the most important thing to know when recycling in office spaces? 

You may not see this coming, but one important factor in having an effective recycling program in your office is by having the best recycling bins. By keeping it organized and strategically placing suitable recycling bins, you can encourage your co-workers to utilize them properly. Your recycling bins will be the backbone of this program.

Choosing the Best Office Recycling Bins

There are several types of office recycling bins, and as simple as it might seem, choosing the right one for your office space is very important. Here are the factors that you should consider:

  • Space

Figure out where in your office should the recycling bins be placed. It does not matter if it’s a wide or narrow space as there are a lot of bins that you could choose from that can potentially fit there. Measure and estimate how huge the bins should be.

  • Size

Recycling bins come in different sizes depending on the style and type. There are bulky bins since they serve additional purposes such as sanitation station, while there are space saving ones perfect for smaller offices.

  • Budget

Prices for office recycling bins can vary depending on the type and its material. Individual bins can cost as low as £30 while multi-bins type be costly up to £700. Set a budget your office is willing to spend for this project. Remember that there are a lot of recycling bins in the market, so you can assure that there will be one that could fit right into your budget.

  • Style

There are recycling bins that are made out of plastic, wood, metal, etc. If you want a modern one, you can always go for sleek metal bins. Choose one that can fit with the office’s aesthetics to make sure that it still looks good in the space.

  • Efficiency

If you want a multi-purpose office recycling bins, there are a lot in the market. While there are now pedaled bins that you can throw on without touching its lid, automated smart recycling bins are also invented for better efficiency and convenience. Recycling can be hard, especially in a place full of individuals with different dynamics. Fortunately, an office setting is run by well-established policies and guidelines – so with the right implementation and organization, you can easily increase your recycling rates. Just remember the primary reason why we do this and it is to contribute to saving what’s left of our environment. These are just small little steps that we can do daily but will certainly make a difference.

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