5 Simple Tips to Make Your Office Space More Inviting

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An office space is more than just a workplace. It’s where you and your employees spend most of your time, and it’s the first impression a client or customer has on your company. With a well-designed, fresh-looking office space, you can make every visitor feel welcome, and every employee feel relaxed.

5 Simple Tips to Make Your Office Space More Inviting

If decor and design aren’t your strong suit, that’s okay. There are many easy ways to liven up your space that don’t require a degree in interior design. Turn your drab business space into a modern and functional office with these tips, and you can easily make your office space more inviting.

1. Keep the Space Clean

This tip may seem obvious if not mandatory, but a clean workspace is a productive one. Be sure to keep all surfaces wiped and shiny. These surfaces include computer screens and keyboards, as well as all glass and mirrors. Keep carpets and floors free of dirt and debris, as well. We understand how much work it can be to keep a workspace spotless, so you may want to consider hiring office cleaning services. These services will ensure that each nook and cranny of your business is spotless without disrupting work hours.

2. Use Artwork to Show Purpose

Bare walls are plain, boring, and generally unappealing to the eye. An easy way to fix this is by adding artwork. However, you want to be sure to add art that serves a purpose. The images you display should convey your company’s service or relate to the industry in which you operate. For example, a construction company may hang artwork that features buildings. A game design startup should have digital art.

3. Add Conversational Furniture

Lots of conversation leads to an abundance of excellent ideas. For that reason, it’s crucial that you design the workplace to encourage discussion. Add chairs facing each other along with other sitting areas. These casual meeting spots provide employees with space where they can collaborate and brainstorm freely. Furniture is also an excellent way to use an extra corner space or an empty hallway. That way, employees can stop to chat and suddenly find themselves inspired to improve a current project.

5 Simple Tips to Make Your Office Space More Inviting - modern office

4. Add Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and rugs add color and get rid of bland, monochromatic design. But, you want these colors to be intentional and suitable for your line of work. For example, a color-pop of yellow, orange, or red can make the room look more open. These bright colors work well for creative industries, such as design or advertising. Adding rugs with darker colors, like black, grey, and blue will make the room look more serious and professional. These palettes are suitable for businesses in accounting, legal work, etc.

5. Modernize the Conference Room

The traditional setting of a conference room has chairs centered around one long table. It is effective but can be more inspiring. Provide your employees with the option to use the conference for other activities besides meetings. Workers can collaborate, work on projects, and converse with employees from different departments. The design also can be more modern. Many modern conference rooms feature a large table that can convert into multiple smaller tables. Or, if you have numerous conference areas in your office, consider turning one of them into an interactive room.


Using the tips provided here will help you create an inviting workspace that keeps your workers productive and comfortable. Plus, little extra detail to decor and cleanliness will have all of your clients wanting to come back.

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