Writing a Unique Recommendation Letter for College

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If you decide to apply for college, you should send a recommendation letter as a part of your application. In a well-written recommendation letter for college, students should follow a specific structure, be logical and concise, present unique features, and stick to the standards of academic writing. You have to keep in mind many rules and requirements when writing such a paper. It is your responsibility to hand in a perfect and high-quality piece of writing. Writing a recommendation letter is a very responsible and complicated task because upon this piece depends admission to a college. Therefore, to be sure that it is correct and well-composed, you can turn to a professional writing service and buy a letter of recommendation for college that will be crafted following all requirements and writing standards.  

Recommendation Letter for College

If you submit a perfectly written recommendation letter for college, you increase the chances for acceptance. If you are a student seeking recommendations, you should find a person who is well aware of you as a personality. If you ought to compose such writing, you should be responsible and complete the paper of high quality. Before starting completing a recommendation letter, you may want to answer the following questions: 

  • Do you know a person well?
  • Can you highlight the major achievements of a person?
  • Can you discuss those achievements in written form?
  • Can you focus on both academic and personal achievements? 

If you have positively replied to all these questions, you are a good candidate for writing a recommendation letter for college applicants. When you start composing such a paper, you should always consider its purpose. Your task is to discuss the benefits and strong sides of an applicant. 

Check out some valuable tips on how to write a recommendation letter:

Discuss the points a student expect you to write about

No matter how good you know a person, you should discuss what to dwell on in advance. You may offer some issues you want to highlight, while the student may offer some aspects he or she believes could help apply for the university. Ask about GPA. You may not know the current GPA of a student, while this information works well in recommendation. You also need the information about the college or university that a person is going to application for. It may help you emphasize the features of the person relevant to the specialization he/she wants to apply for. A college committee expects your personal vision of a student and his or her skills. You still need to know why he or she wants to apply for a specific educational institution to help him or her with your interpretation of her or his skills. Just write from your perspective.

Don’t delay

A recommendation letter is a short paper. Still, it requires much concentration and attention. You need to start in beforehand to ensure that the paper is completed on time. Take into consideration that like any other paper, it requires some preliminary research, drafting, writing, editing, and proofreading. Each of these stages may take some time. You need to research the college and/or the program for application. This information may help you understand what the admission committee expects from an applicant. You should always stick to the expectations, but you have to be faithful. No need to imagine anything; just write what you know about an applicant in the chosen direction. You have to make emphasis on critical and analytical thinking skills of the applicant. You should also show personal uniqueness of an applicant.

Be original 

A recommendation letter for college is a standard piece in the application process. Each student brings such a paper as a part of documentation when applying for any educational establishment. You may only imagine how many papers they have already read. It is simple to write that the student obtains some critical and analytical skills. If you provide examples of how the applicant used these skills in practice, your letter may become unique. Make the admission committee visualize the situation, help them imagine the case, and see how the skills the student applied in this situation can help him or her in the process of learning. Provide details but do not be too boring. Balance the writing to make it interesting to read.

Don’t try to mention all the features

One of the major mistakes people make in the recommendation letter for college is a desire to cover as many personal features as possible. It is advisable to discuss 2-3 features. Choose the most relevant ones that perfectly describe the student and focus on them. Try to discuss the details, specify some particular points, and do not forget about the examples. It is smart to focus on a couple of achievements than devote the whole letter to the enumeration of the features the student possesses without any confirmation. Justify what you have written with real-life examples and situations.

writing recommendation letter for college


Be positive 

Positive thinking is of great importance. Even if you think that the student has some weaknesses and needs to work more on some skills, including communication or active listening, a recommendation letter is not the paper where you have to highlight it. Mind that the main purpose of such a paper is to help the applicant to go to college or university. Write as many positive words about the applicant as you can to convince the committee to accept him or her and explain why it will be a good choice. 

Edit and proofread

Always edit and proofread the paper even if you are aware that your writing skills are excellent. Your thoughts flow fast when you write. Thus, you may skip some ideas or omit some words. Your typing skills are much slower than the way you may think. So, editing and proofreading are good opportunities to ensure that the letter is perfect for perception and understanding. Consider that misprints happen from time to time. More proofreading may also help avoid even the smallest mistakes. Add your personal contact information to give the possibility to the admission committee to contact you in case they wish to confirm or clarify something. Make sure that the formatting corresponds to the requirements provided. 


Thus, a recommendation letter for college is an academic piece. A student expects that you will write it following standard requirements and length. Don’t write too much and do not make the piece too short. Overall, you need to consider that a recommendation letter for college can increase the chances of the applicant to apply for a specific educational institution. Take this offer and bear the responsibility for your writing. If you are a student who develops an idea of what a recommendation letter is, choose the teacher who can help you and is ready to accept such a responsible request.

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