9 Reasons Your Drains Are Blocked

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Did you know that minor plumbing issues can become dangerous if left unchecked? Blocked drains are one of the major issues of plumbing. Never wait until it is too late to deal with the issues since blocked drains are so nuisance. They can greatly interfere with your daily activities while at home. However, if the issues are recognized and repaired early, you will get to avoid serious problems such as leaks, overflows, or even serious issues with your electrical system.

9 Reasons Your Drains Are Blocked

You can attempt to clear a blocked drain yourself, or by inviting a professional plumber to inspect the drainage system. But prevention is better than cure, so here are some of the main reasons why your drains can become blocked.

Poor installation of the drainage system

Not all plumbers are highly qualified to enhance the required plumbing standards. One of the main reasons why your drains are blocked is because the installation of your plumbing was poorly done. For instance, some drainage systems may fail to work in the right manner because they were installed by unqualified people. However, such a problem can only be handled by qualified plumbers who are aware of their work.

Tree roots

Another major reason that can lead to the blockage of drains is tree roots. Even if your house may be in a place without trees, your neighbor’s trees can lead to some of these drainage problems. Tree roots cause damage and blockages to your drainage system creating holes and growing into the pipes causing leakages. To deal with such issues ensure that your home is clear of large trees to make sure they don’t grow roots into your drainage pipes.

Grease and fat

Grease and fats are one of the leading causes of blocked drains. Fatty substances that are washed away usually stick on the walls of the pipe. They then harden and build-up to the extent that no water or liquids can pass through the pipes. To deal with such an issue, always make sure you watch what you wash away. Ensure you pour your grease and fatty substances in your trash instead of pouring them in your drainage system. In fact this is an issue for entire sewer systems with huge ‘fatbergs’ causing blockages in cities across the world.


Removing hair is one of the easiest problems you can deal with in your drainage systems. Stuck hair can be removed by gloved hands. Also, you can buy some tools that can properly grab your hair if they are visible. However, such drainage issues are very hard to notice. Also, if the hair is not completely removed, serious problems will be encountered.

9 Reasons Your Drains Are Blocked - blocked drain


Your drainage system can also be blocked by disposing of toiletries. This is a serious drainage problem that a lot of people have formed by mostly disposing of baby wipes and diapers. Such toiletries will definitely block the drains once you flush them down the toilet. This is because once such items are immersed in water, they tend to enlarge and easily block the drains and pipes in your home. To avoid such issues, always dispose of such toiletries in a bin whether in a public toilet or even at home.

Storms and heavy rain

During rainy seasons, your drainage system faces heavy floods from the heavy rain. This is a big problem since the drainage pipes are not made to cope with heavy rains. The heavy rains will cause water to build-up and clog your pipes. To avoid such an issue, make sure you prepare yourself by cleaning the gutters. This prevents building of many leaves that causes blockage.

Broken drainage pipes

Pipes can break due to various causes such as wear and tear in older homes or tree roots. Once the pipes get damaged, they tend to break and cause plumbing issues. To deal with such issues, ensure you call a qualified plumber to check your drainage system. The pipes may need to be replaced or repaired.

Water flow

In case you notice that your pipes are letting out small amounts of water and that water is not coming out normally, this is an indication that your drains are blocked. This is also a clear indication that there was poor installation of your drainage system and also that sediments have accumulated in your pipes.


One of the main reasons for your drains blocking is some natural plants such as trees and leaves. This happens mostly after spring and autumn. Maintaining your yard is essential since it facilitates the proper functioning of drains and water pipes. Make sure you collect all the leaves and debris in your outdoor area to avoid blocking your pipes.


After understanding the main reasons that cause your drains to block, the best way to avoid such issues is by involving high qualified plumbers who will help you avoid such issues. The professional plumbers will also help you understand the state of your pipes in the safest, appropriate, and least expensive way.

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