Five reasons why you need to invest in solar panels

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Although you might have heard that installing solar panels is important, you might never have really thought about it enough to understand the specific reasons behind that importance. In fact, you might think you are able to live just fine with your current utility setup.

Five reasons why you need to invest in solar panels

However, having the ability to harvest solar power at your own residence or business has become such a valuable ability and resource that it is time to remind you of the financial, environmental, and personal benefits solar has to offer.


With solar panels, you no longer have to rely on traditional electric grids for your power. This type of self-sufficiency means you never have to worry about brownouts, blackouts, or having your electric service shut off. Additionally, if you are a business owner, being able to cut ongoing electrical costs allows you to divert the revenue to marketing, advertising, or product development. In terms of water bills, if you are able to dig your own well, the electric power required to run the good pump is also free. Because electric power will cost you nothing to harvest, you no longer have to rely on natural gas. In effect, solar energy consolidates your energy usage into one type. This translates into zero utility costs starting at the time of installation.

Carbon footprint

You are probably aware that solar panels help reduce pollution caused by burning fossil fuels. However, what you probably did not know is that one solar panel installed in your home or business actually replaces the annual equivalent of 6,000 to 8,000 pounds of fossil fuels. If you have a larger home or business, you will be able to have an even greater positive impact on the environment. In terms of global impact, researchers state that a greater reliance on solar energy could help slow the effects of global warming. As a result, the air would be cleaner, which is better for animals, plants, and people with respiratory conditions. With a more stable temperature, sea levels would likely stabilize.


In addition to saving you money on your utilities, solar panels add value to your home. When you go to sell your house, it will draw much more interest from potential buyers. As a result, you will have the ability to sell your home faster for more money. Additionally, many electric companies allow residences and businesses to sell surplus electricity back into the main grid. This translates into direct earnings for your family or your business, something that is impossible with traditional utilities. Finally, in terms of maintenance, solar panels are sturdy and last for decades. If you keep them free of wind-blown debris, they just keep working. Additionally, when the panels are installed, the on-site specialist can give you information for reliable and quick repair service for solar panels that they install, saving you the hassle and money should the need ever arise.

Five reasons why you need to invest in solar panels - solar panels on home

Investment returns

As an investment, solar does carry some upfront costs. However, the average home or business owner breaks even on that investment within 36 months. In the 37th month, the savings translate into money in your pocket. If you are a business owner, your company’s brand will be seen as much more environmentally friendly and responsible. As such, the return on investment begins immediately with customers who care about the environment. It is important to source a reputable PV installer such as PV Generation so you get the best outcome for your investment.

Modular installation

Whether you install the panels yourself or have a certified technician install them, you will find that you have many options. Unlike utility lines, which are installed according to the electric company’s discretion, you can opt to install them on the roof of your home, on a nearby solar shed, or on an exposed area of your yard. Such flexibility allows you to take advantage of the sun’s angle on your property. Additionally, you can start small and add more panels as time passes. For instance, to add panels to a current installation, all a technician needs to do is to insert the panels and hook them up to your existing network. Because you can easily add more panels as the need arises, anyone can begin using solar. Within a couple of years, you could be completely self-sufficient without all of the burdensome upfront costs.

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